31 janvier 2014

Teachers’ creativity throughout professional life A model based on oer cycle

By Juliana Raffaghelli. The new conceptions of teachers’ professional development (TPD) are based on personalized professional learning activities to be implemented in different moments of professional life cycle, in response to contextualized learning needs. As a result, it is expected that TPD yields creative processes that end up in transforming pedagogical practices through reflection and self-awareness on the new professional skills.
However, creating and controlling TPD environments for teachers’ creativity is still a matter of discussion, since such environments are to be connected to the professional life-cycle, and this requires very fluid learning experiences. In this paper, the use of Open Educational Resources as dimension of teachers’ professional development environments, within and beyond the school is explored, attempting to understand if the participation to OER-cycle (as the cycle of using, remixing, creating and sharing OERs) can effectively contribute to creative practices linked to professional learning.

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Learning Analytics in basic math education – first results from the field

Martin Ebner, Martin Schön, Benedikt Neuhold. Learning Analytics is an emerging field, because the analyses of a big amount of data can lead to deeper insights into how learning occurs.
In this publication we introduce a new addition / subtraction trainer which assists teachers in their daily basic math education. A first field study points out that beside of typical mistakes also systematic ones can be detected.

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29 janvier 2014

Coursera Launches New Online Certificate Program

City Town InfoBy Heidi M. Agustin. MOOC provider Coursera announced a new program to help online students gain mastery in a specific subject.
According to a Coursera blog post, the online education startup launched "Specializations", a program that will allow students to take a series of online courses for certification. Venture Beat reported that there is no formal application process -- anyone interested in developing mastery in one of the offered subject areas can sign up. Students will have to complete all classes in the series and will also be required to complete a practical capstone project, which can be included in a portfolio or presented to potential employers. According to Inc., unlike most of Coursera's individual online courses, Specializations will cost students about $200 to $500. See more...

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25 janvier 2014

More Competition for Online Certificate Students

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/all/themes/ihecustom/logo.jpgBy Carl Straumsheim. An online course provider will this spring introduce bundles of courses created by top-tier universities that can be completed for certificates. That description fits both Academic Partnerships and Coursera, and both programs are called “Specializations." Read more...

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A look ahead at the eLearning Papers topics of 2014

Tapio Koskinen, Director of the Editorial Board of eLearning Papers, has announced the research topics that will be covered by the online journal in the coming year. 
“We just completed a very successful year for eLearning Papers. We have very big audiences; some of the articles had close to 150.000 hits,” said Koskinen.
eLearning Papers is an online journal that enables the timely exchange of information on open education, open educational resources (OER), and ICT in education in Europe. More...

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More Competition for Online Certificate Students

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/all/themes/ihecustom/logo.jpgBy Carl Straumsheim. An online course provider will this spring introduce bundles of courses created by top-tier universities that can be completed for certificates. That description fits both Academic Partnerships and Coursera, and both programs are called “Specializations."
The similarities are more than mere coincidence, as​ the two companies have since last summer discussed a partnership proposed by Academic Partnerships for its platform to use Coursera's university course offerings. Yet Coursera's Specializations, announced Tuesday morning, took Academic Partnerships CEO Randy Best by surprise. When the parties spoke last week, Best said Coursera “expressed that they were going to defer for now the idea of Specializations."
Academic Partnerships, which helps institutions take their degree programs online, had intended to announce its own Specializations after the Globalization of Higher Education conference in March, after spending 18 months and $20 million to lay the groundwork. Instead, Best learned of Coursera's announcement from a source at 1:50 a.m. Tuesday morning. The news spurred Academic Partnerships to issue a news release Tuesday afternoon, unveiling its Specializations two months earlier than planned. Read more...

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23 janvier 2014

Online learning gaining steam as a 'disruptive innovation' in higher education

By Jason Hardy. Traditional higher education possesses systemic problems. Online learning may see tremendous growth and help to reverse some of the most decried trends in higher education in 2014.
A new report in Forbes argues that 2014 will be a big year for higher education. The article by Todd Hixon argues that its current business model is largely outdated, and that innovation will be critical for students and future employers alike. In fact, online education is starting to create virtual boom towns across the nation as a means of addressing tuition hikes, student loans, graduation rates, and other troubling trends. Read more...

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Veille et ressources numériques pour les actions FOAD - web-conférence le 28 janvier

Logo de l'Agence Régionale de la Formation tout au long de la vie (ARFTLV Poitou-charentes)La construction, la mise en place, l'animation et la régulation d'un dispositif de type FOAD reposent sur une somme d'ingénieries complémentaires dont celle portant sur l'intégration de ressources numériques.
La question de la veille sur les ressources disponibles selon les objectifs, les activités et le type de publics visés est, et sera, de plus en plus stratégique. Il s'agit d'aider les équipes pédagogiques à repérer, à sélectionner, les ressources formatives proposées aux apprenants, pour mieux les intégrer.
Exceptionnellement, cette web-conférence est ouverte gratuitement à tous sur inscription en ligne. Voir l'article entier...

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19 janvier 2014

Reviewing the trajectories of e-learning

grainne conoleBy Gráinne Conole. Digital technologies have moved from being a peripheral innovation to being part of the core services we offer learners. Today’s learners have grown up in a world of computers and the Internet and see such technologies as a key part of their learning toolset (Sharpe and Beetham 2010). Digital technologies enable learners to engage with rich multimedia, and social and participatory media enable learners to communicate and collaborate in a variety of different ways. Smart phones and tablets mean that mobile learning, anywhere, anytime is now a reality. Virtual worlds and gamification facilitate authentic learning and role play (Wills, Leight et al. 2010; Childs and Peachey 2011; Childs and Peachey 2013). This chapter will provide an overview of the key technological developments over the past thirty years and will critique their impact on formal and informal learning. It will conclude with a projection of future scenarios for education and emergent technological trends. More...

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18 janvier 2014

Trois chantiers pour aligner la formation sur le Web

http://www.solutions-ressources-humaines.com/logo/e227bb344af67d5logo_formaguide_gf.gifPar Michel Diaz. Un salarié, c’est souvent, pour ne pas dire toujours, un internaute… On imagine que les deux auront de plus en plus de mal à cohabiter, à comparer les services qu’ils obtiennent de leur entreprise et sur le Web, dans le champ de l’apprentissage en particulier !
Dédoublement de personnalité de rigueur ! En tant qu’internaute (mobinaute, etc.), je me goinfre tant et plus des produits et services que m’offre le Web. Une vraie corne d’abondance ! Des ressources en nombre infini, souvent de grande qualité, aux formats les plus variés… Freemium : les services de base sont gratuits, je peux aussi tester le niveau premium et m’abonner d’un clic s’il me convient. Ces services sont par ailleurs immédiatement accessibles, sur tous mes « devices » (ordinateur, tablette, smartphone). Suite...

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