25 février 2020

How to choose a university?

There are approximately 22,000 universities world-wide. U-Multirank is here to help you find the most suitable one for you.
We cannot make that choice for you, but we can support you work it out for yourself. We put together a guide to making the right choice and, using the U-Multirank online-tool, you can take that decision in an informed way. More...

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What is the best university in the World?

There's no such thing as the best university in the world. What's best depends on who you are, what you want from your student experience, and even what you want from life.
The world is full of different people and also full of different universities. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Some things that might be a strength to you – let's say, a big university, full of people from all over the world – might be a weakness to somebody who might prefer a small, cosy institution that is focused on serving its local region. More...

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What should I study? How to choose the best study programme for you.

If you know what career you want, there may be qualifications that you are required to get. For example, in almost every country, you’re not allowed to practice medicine without the proper qualifications. Whatever career you’re heading for, be sure you know the standards you’re required to achieve and even which national or international bodies have the right to accredit study programmes as suitable. Remember, the standards one country expects are rarely the same internationally. Many careers don’t require a degree in a specific subject, but there may be subjects that prepare you better than others. For instance, to land a career in business, you may not be required to have a degree in law, finance, economics or mathemathics, but studying those subjects can certainly help you get the job and be more successful in it. More...

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Where should I study?

However, some students see the chance to live and study in another country as an opportunity to broaden their horizons and heighten their job opportunities (and often their language skills). But where you want to study isn’t only about how far away it is. It’s also about the kind of place it is when you get there. Studying in a foreign language can be a challenge, but even just being in another country can be a culture shock. More...

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19 février 2020

Top Ten Most Romantic Cities to Find Love While Studying Abroad - 1) Paris, France

While many couples are celebrating Valentine’s Day today, some are still waiting for Cupid’s arrow to strike. For many Erasmus/ exchange students, Cupid finds them while studying abroad. According to a survey conducted by the Erasmus Student Network, a partner of U-Multirank, ‘Erasmus not only widens horizons but it also brings people from different countries closer together.’ For example, ‘…every fourth Erasmus student has also found love in their semester abroad, whereas in general only every eighth partnership is bi-national.’

1) Paris, France

Number one on our list is of course Paris, France. Ever thought about studying in the shadow of the Eiffel tower? Undoubtedly Paris is one of the most amorous places to study in Europe and is known for fashion, style, the arts… and LOVE. With endless amounts of beautifully breath-taking places to explore, Cupid might just strike.
Why not study abroad, at Sorbonne University? Located in the middle of Paris, Sorbonné University has a high percentage of international students in France. With so many international students there, maybe you’ll meet your Valentine at one of the events organised by the faculty’s Cultural Department. Events include: concerts, plays, debates, exhibitions and film screenings. More...

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14 février 2020

China No. 1 on 2018 PISA: Is the country really an education powerhouse as the rankings suggest?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. China No. 1 on 2018 PISA: Is the country really an education powerhouse as the rankings suggest?
Siyi Zhang, JMDedu, 2020/01/03
The answer to the question in the title is "no", though the story doesn't explicitly say so. The tests were from a total of 12,058 students from 361 schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang (B-S-J-Z), a small fraction of the total student population. As always, "socio-economically advantaged students outperformed disadvantaged students," so what we have here is a sample of the wealthiest students in China's wealthiest cities. Now this sample, and this population, is nothing to be disregarded - it is equivalent to the entire student population of other countries.
Meanwhile, in the JMD article, there's a lot of expression of discomfort with the results even taken at face value. China's education system ranks among the least 'efficient' (ie., it is supplemented with a lot of time spent learning outside school). The students' "satisfaction with life" ranks near the bottom. More...

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10 février 2020

Top10 des formations les plus financées par le Fongecif

Les salariés de bas niveaux de qualification constituent le public prioritaire bénéficiaire des actions de formation les plus financées par le Fongecif Île-de-France en 2017. Plus...

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02 février 2020

U-Multirank Identifies the Happiest Students

U-Multirank coverage outside Europe is rather patchy. It does, however, include many indicators and provides information that is not found anywhere else. It contains data from a survey of more than 100,000 students that is included in the annual rankings. A recent analysis indicates that students in Europe are generally satisfied with their learning experience and rate most of their programmes as good. More...

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31 janvier 2020

Classement 2020 des meilleures prépas littéraires

La prépa littéraire est une filière ouverte aux bacheliers généraux avec une appétence forte pour la littérature, la philosophie et l’histoire. Elle se décline en deux spécialités principales: les prépas dites A/L qui se concentrent sur les matières littéraires et les prépas B/L qui élargissent leur enseignement à certaines matières plus scientifiques comme les mathématiques, la sociologie et l’économie. À noter que les A/L disposent d’une sous-catégorie en deuxième année, les Langues et sciences humaines (LSH), pour les élèves qui ne suivent pas de langue ancienne. Plus...

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Classement 2020 des meilleures prépas scientifiques

Les classes prépas sont la voie royale pour accéder aux meilleures écoles d’ingénieurs. Elles sont divisées en quatre spécialités en deuxième année: mathématiques et physique (prépa MP), physique et chimie (prépa PC), physique et science de l’ingénieur (prépa PSI) et biologie, chimie, physique, science de la terre (prépa BCPST). Plus...

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