While many couples are celebrating Valentine’s Day today, some are still waiting for Cupid’s arrow to strike. For many Erasmus/ exchange students, Cupid finds them while studying abroad. According to a survey conducted by the Erasmus Student Network, a partner of U-Multirank, ‘Erasmus not only widens horizons but it also brings people from different countries closer together.’ For example, ‘…every fourth Erasmus student has also found love in their semester abroad, whereas in general only every eighth partnership is bi-national.’

1) Paris, France

Number one on our list is of course Paris, France. Ever thought about studying in the shadow of the Eiffel tower? Undoubtedly Paris is one of the most amorous places to study in Europe and is known for fashion, style, the arts… and LOVE. With endless amounts of beautifully breath-taking places to explore, Cupid might just strike.
Why not study abroad, at Sorbonne University? Located in the middle of Paris, Sorbonné University has a high percentage of international students in France. With so many international students there, maybe you’ll meet your Valentine at one of the events organised by the faculty’s Cultural Department. Events include: concerts, plays, debates, exhibitions and film screenings. More...