13 mai 2015

Online school : des initiatives hybrides entre classes virtuelles et traditionnelles ouvrent la voie à une éducation de qualité

Blog Educpros de Anne Lalou. Les modèles des cours en ligne ouverts aux masses (MOOC, Massive Online Open Course), sensés permettre l’éducation pour tous grâce à la technologie, sont régulièrement remis en question. Dans les pays émergents, des initiatives d’éducation hybrides utilisant les nouvelles technologies mais conservant les atouts des traditionnelles salles de classe en termes de motivation et d’interactions sociales, rencontrent un succès grandissant. Voir l'article entier...

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Worth Reading: Use of adjuncts and one challenge of online education

By Phil Hill. There is a fascinating essay today at Inside Higher Ed giving an inside, first-person view of being an adjunct professor.

2015 is my 25th year of adjunct teaching. In the fall I will teach my 500th three-credit college course. I have put in many 14- to 16-hour days, with many 70- to 80-hour weeks. My record is 27 courses in one year, although I could not do that now.
I want to share my thoughts on adjunct teaching. I write anonymously to not jeopardize my precarious positions. How typical is my situation?

The whole essay is worth reading, as it gives a great view into what the modern university and the implications of using adjuncts. More...

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LMS Is The Minivan of Education (and other thoughts from #LILI15)

By Phil Hill. During yesterday’s K-20 learning platform panel at IMS Global’s Learning Impact Leadership Institute (the panel that replaced the LMS Smackdown of year’s past), Scott Jaschik started the discussion off by asking “what is the LMS?”. As I have recently complained about our Saturn Vue that replaced a Chrysler Town & Country, the answer I provided was that the LMS is the minivan of education. More...

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The ETV Personalized Learning Series: What We Hope It Contributes

By  and Phil Hill. It seems like there has been an avalanche of high-profile books about the future of education lately—Kevin Carey’s The End of College, Jeff Selingo’s College Unbound, Anya Kamenetz’s The Test, Michael Crow’s Designing the New American University, and Fareed Zacharia’s In Defense of a Liberal Education, to name a few. More...

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Release of e-Literate TV Series on Personalized Learning

By Phil Hill. Today we are thrilled to release the initial episodes in our new e-Literate TV series on “personalized learning”. In this series, we examine how that term, which is heavily marketed but poorly defined, is implemented on the ground at a variety of colleges and universities. What does it really mean in practice? What problem is intended to solve? And how well is it working. More...

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ict4d #mobile and #elearning challenge for refugees send your ideas!

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. The Refugee Education Challenge (by OpenIdeo a social innovation platform, and supported by the Amplify project) is a clear, worthwhile initiative that can be answered by individual EdTech producers as well as companies or groups (corporate, academic, ngo). The challenge is simple in description, yet very complex in planning as refugees face multiple challenges at the same time, look at the ideas here. Read more...

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Ipsative #assessment for keeping track of learner progress

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. This morning I was cognitively mesmerized by the seminar on 'capturing an online student feedback history to enable ipsative assessment and sustained motivation' presented by Gwyneth Hughes. Liveblogging from CALRG seminar, so typos and incomplete sentences possible.  A WONDERFUL seminar, really worth it, so buy the book Ipsative assessment: motivation through marking progress! Or read Hughes papers. Read more...

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12 mai 2015

Discover Emerging Trends in Online Higher Education

By . Prospective online students may encounter project-based learning, gamification and live course sessions.
As online education enrollment growth slows, programs are exploring new formats to appeal to students. More...

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11 mai 2015

Radford University introduces MBA program online delivery

University Business LogoBy Stefanie Botelho. Radford University's College of Business and Economics announced the launch of online delivery for their MBA program. This initiative will make higher education even more accessible for students who wish to secure their master's degree in approximately two years. More...

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Knowledge is Not a Tree

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Knowledge is Not a Tree
overeducated_alligator, Metafilter, 2015/05/07

Short post from Metafilter illustrating how we're advancing conceptually: "Piggydb and Oinker.me: Non-hierarchical information tools from Japanese designer Daisuke Morita. Piggydb is a Java-based open-source personal knowledge manager, similar to a wiki. More...

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