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18 janvier 2015

Philosophy: Download It for Free

HomeBy Peter Adamson. About 10 years ago, I was an admissions officer at a university in London, where (typical of the British system of admitting major by major) I read essays from those who wanted to study philosophy. To be honest, the essays were largely indistinguishable from one another, presumably because the applicants were all given identical advice about what they should say. Read more...
18 janvier 2015

The Higher Ed Austerity Deal Is Falling Apart

HomeBy Christopher Newfield. For years now, the main trend in public university policy has been to impose budgetary austerity on them. Regardless of the revenue level that universities seek or the efficiencies they announce, the result is always the same: inadequate public funding coupled with rising tuition and student debt. Read more...
18 janvier 2015

'Inflection Point' in IT

HomeBy Carl Straumsheim. The pace of change in technology is widening the gap between early adopter institutions and those struggling to keep up, Educause's report on the top IT issues and strategies for 2015 shows. Some IT leaders say it's time for colleges and universities to accept that they won't be able to do everything on their own. Read more...
18 janvier 2015

Humanities for America

HomeBy Michael Stratford. The head of the National Endowment for the Humanities said Thursday that he wants to push humanities scholarship to become more directly connected to helping address the nation’s contemporary problems. Read more...
18 janvier 2015

Questioning Debit Card Deals

HomeBy Michael Stratford. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Tuesday that it will create voluntary guidelines for colleges as they negotiate deals with financial institutions. The goal, officials said, is for colleges to keep students' financial interest in mind as they negotiate the terms of the arrangements with the companies. Read more...
18 janvier 2015

Funding Formula Fracas

HomeBy Paul Fain. Washington State’s performance-based funding formula has failed to move the needle on community college student completion rates, according to a newly released research paper. But officials at the state’s two-year college system are contesting the study’s findings. Read more...
18 janvier 2015

Experimenting with Competency

HomeBy Paul Fain. The U.S. Department of Education will allow at least 40 colleges to experiment with competency-based education and prior learning assessment, granting them a waiver from certain rules that govern federal financial aid. The department last week notified colleges that had successfully applied to participate in the latest round of “experimental sites,” which observers said is more expansive than previous ones. Read more...
18 janvier 2015

The Thought That Counts

HomeBy Paul Fain. Community college advocates like the spirit of President Obama's blockbuster free community college proposal. It’s the details, many still unknown, that worry some. The White House wants $60 billion over a decade to go toward filling in tuition gaps for all Americans who meet the plan’s requirements. Read more...
18 janvier 2015

New Higher Ed Federalism

HomeBy Ry Rivard. President Obama’s proposal to make community college free could rearrange the relationship between the federal government, states and colleges.Behind the talk of a free two-year college education is a shift in the federal government's role. Conservatives are saying the president’s plan may go too far -- calling it a federal regulatory regime dressed up as a free tuition plan. Read more...
17 janvier 2015

Millions of Sources: the disruption of history and the humanities?

By Brian Mathews. Last week I mentioned a tweet on critical pedagogy that stuck with me. Here is another item from 2014 that really got me thinking. More...

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