03 avril 2019

Basic Needs and Mission Creep

By Matt Reed. It’s hard to focus on, say, microbiology when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from.
It’s not the objections I anticipate that give me trouble. It’s the ones I never see coming. More...

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Internal Searches and Generational Justice

By Matt Reed. This is one of those cases where my personal inclination and my organizational imperatives conflict almost perfectly. More...

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Two Worlds

By Matt Reed. The admissions scandal.
I’ve worked over the years to build a persona as a relatively controlled writer, one who has opinions, yes, but who doesn’t veer off into self-indulgent, profanity-laced tirades. More...

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A Seeming Contradiction

By Matt Reed. I don’t often resort to Socratic dialogues, for reasons, but this topic lends itself. I’ll be me, and my interlocutor will be Imaginary Interlocutor. For brevity, I’ve skipped all of the “it is certainly so, Socrates…” responses. More...

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Varsity Blues, Higher Ed's Image and Federal Policy

HomeBy Paul Fain. Scandal and data are fueling a growing belief that higher education is rigged for the wealthy, and are motivating Democratic allies to consider a harsher stance with the industry. More...

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Research Assistant or Personal Assistant?

HomeBy Rachael Pells for Times Higher Education. A controversial job advertisement that was pulled after an online backlash has shined a spotlight on employment practices that many scholars view as exploitative of early-career researchers. More...

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A Revolt at Oxford

HomeBy Anna McKie for Times Higher Education. Academics have criticized plans for the University of Oxford’s new graduate college, which they say is a push from central management to diminish the collegiate system. More...

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Few Lessons Learned on For-Profit Closures

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. As Dream Center collapses, Trump administration's oversight of massive for-profit college deal under scrutiny. Critics ask why more protections weren't sought after purchase of Argosy and Art Institutes chains. More...

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02 avril 2019

Why Do Colleges Die?

HomeBy Greg ToppoScholar looks at history of U.S. higher ed and finds that vulnerable colleges, most of them private, tend to close or merge when crisis pushes them "over the cliff." More...

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When Grading Less Is More

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. Professors' reflections on their experiences with "ungrading" spark renewed interest in the student-centered assessment practice. More...

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