22 janvier 2020

What Is Xtreme Podcasting?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. What Is Xtreme Podcasting?
I'm not sure I would call this 'Xtreme Podcasting' - it bears only a faint resemblance to Xtreme Programming. Maybe 'structured podcasting'. "We're trying to help people take their podcasting to the next level by delving more deeply into the design process of producing an effective, educational podcast. How? Primarily by taking an instructional design approach, and analyzing information needs and audiences to determine if podcasting is the right match with your instructional needs". More...

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21 janvier 2020

Réglages de pointe pour les fauteuils roulants des parasportifs

Les athlètes en fauteuils, comme les valides, sont victimes de nombreuses blessures. Et ce, d’autant plus que les membres supérieurs ne sont pas adaptés pour produire des efforts très puissants. Les mouvements forts et répétés sur les roues entraînent ainsi des troubles musculo-squelettiques (TMS), essentiellement des tendinites de l’épaule et des syndromes du canal carpien (au poignet). Une des solutions pour réduire ces blessures est d’améliorer l’ergonomie des fauteuils. Plus...

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IBM Lotus Symphony

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. IBM Lotus Symphony
The best comment I heard about IBM's new Symphony suite of (free) applications is that it is intended to make you forget about the old one. "Business, academic, governmental and consumer users alike can download this enterprise-grade office software, which is the same tool inside some of IBM's most popular collaboration products, such as the recently released Lotus 8." The Suite is probably best thought of as an update of the old Star Office, a Java-based set of applications intended mostly (but not exclusively) for a Linux user. More...

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LSBF re-imagines distance learning through VR

By Kerrie Kennedy. London School of Business and Finance has announced it is offering all of its online postgraduate students a new way to gain public speaking skills via virtual reality headsets. So far, hundreds of headsets have been sent to students all around the world, including Germany, Nigeria, India and the United Arab Emirates. More...

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The Access Platform partners with INTO

By Kerrie Kennedy. Education partnering organisation INTO has adopted The Access Platform as its peer recruitment partner to support the Brighton-based company’s global recruitment strategy using TAP’s technology to attract, engage and convert prospects through the testimony of current students. More...

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16 janvier 2020

4 ways object storage powers higher-ed initiatives

eCampus NewsIn higher education today, technology and learning go hand-in-hand. From online coursework, instructional videos, digital versions of textbooks and advanced research and analytics, technology has become a critical component in facilitating student success and driving higher education operations. More...

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Three ways technology can enhance student feedback

eCampus NewsStudent feedback should be insightful and timely, but that isn't always easy--unless, of course, a technology tool can help instructors. More...

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XR technologies are proving effective in higher ed

eCampus NewsExtended reality (XR) technologies are particularly effective for supporting skills-based and competency-based teaching and learning, according to a new report from EDUCAUSE. More...

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What Is 5G? The Definitive Guide to the 5G Network Rollout

Techno-News BlogAfter years of hype about gigabit speeds that will let you download full-length movies in mere seconds, 5G became a reality in 2019. More...

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A Good Learner Consults Many Teachers

Techno-News BlogWhen you want to learn a new skill, don’t use just one book, or app, or YouTube tutorial. Try a lot of them, stick with a couple of them, and occasionally consult others. More...

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