16 décembre 2014

A clearer picture of climate-related development finance

By Stephanie Ockenden. The world will need more and better targeted financing to meet the challenges of global development post-2015. This means taking important decisions not only on what qualifies as official development assistance (ODA), but also on how those flows can be most strategically used. The Ministers of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) are in discussions today and tomorrow at the DAC High Level Meeting to redefine the terms for determining what qualifies as ODA. More...

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15 décembre 2014

Here’s the New Way Colleges Are Predicting Student Grades

By . Data algorithms cover millions of grades from thousands of students.
For years, Stephanie Dupaul would jokingly consult her collection of Magic 8 Balls when students asked her questions such as, “Will I get an A in that class?” Now, she can give them an answer far more accurate than anything predicted by a toy fortune-teller. More...

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14 décembre 2014

Higher Ed by the Numbers

By Joshua Kim. I’ve been spending some time with the tables from the 2013 Digest of Education Statistics.  Here are the numbers, levels, and trends that I’m trying to drill into my brain.  I’ve rounded all the numbers in the hope of remembering them, you can go to the link to get the exact figures. Read more...

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Right-sizing American higher education institutions

By William Patrick Leonard. Many tertiary institutions in the United States are facing an uncertain financial future. A number of articles in the 2 November 2014 edition of University World News suggested that this challenge is not unique to the US. Read more...

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10 décembre 2014

Etudes prospectives sur l’emploi et les compétences en Ile-de-France à l’horizon 2020

La Direccte d’Ile-de-France et les fédérations professionnelles ont mené 3 études pour évaluer l’impact de la réalisation du réseau de métro express du Nouveau Grand Paris, des programmes immobiliers prévus autour des nouvelles gares, et des travaux liés à la transition énergétique, sur l’emploi et l’évolution des compétences de plusieurs métiers à l’horizon 2020. Voir l'article...

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07 décembre 2014

Participate in UB’s special Look-Ahead Surveys

University Business LogoBy University Business Staff. University Business magazine will publish a special edition in January examining the trends that will influence higher education in 2015.
We’re looking to crowd-source the articles with insight from our readers, gathered from a series of surveys about hot topics. More...

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A Flexible Future

HomeBy Carl Straumsheim. Some of the country’s most rigorous research universities have a new obsession: flexibility. As the institutions contemplate a more modular future, experiments with blended learning may provide an early glimpse at their plans. Read more...

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06 décembre 2014

Higher education 'reform' has been halted. Now's the time for inspiration

The Guardian homeBy . Let’s stop arguing over who can best manage our weakened public institutions. The time to talk seriously about equal opportunity is now. More...

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05 décembre 2014

Future of UK HE depends on balanced fees and regulation, experts say

By Katie Duncan. With the UK’s general election fast approaching, Shadow Immigration Minister, David Hanson, has said a Labour victory would mean international students will be removed from net migration figures adding that the toxic immigration debate has “removed the discussion of the benefits of migration.” More...

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28 novembre 2014

A chance to design the way forward for education

By Michael Ward. Want to get involved in shaping the future of education? As the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) reach their 2015 deadline, several international groups, including the OECD, are formulating a new set of goals and targets for sustainable development… and we’d like to know what you think. More...

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