18 octobre 2018

Quelques idées sur le futur du travail

Pôle emploi - Emploi Parlons NetDes évolutions technologiques d’aujourd’hui jusqu’aux mutations plus profondes de demain, Emploi parlons Net tient une veille de ces idées qui transforment tous les jours un peu plus le monde du travail. Plus...

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14 octobre 2018

The future is ear: Why “hearables” are finally tech’s next big thing

The future is ear: Why “hearables” are finally tech’s next big thing
Peter Burrows, Fast Company, 2018/08/02
OK, remember, you heard about this here first. I'm going to combine two technologies to predict a wave of the future. The first is 'hearables'. The second is ASMR. Hearables are in-ear computers that "combine the utility of the hearing aid with the entertainment value of a pair of high-end headphones, and potentially much more." You can read all about them in this article. More...

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13 octobre 2018

Etude « Usine du futur, bâtiment du futur : quelles évolutions pour les métiers cadres ? »

Aquitaine Cap MétiersL’Apec et CESI (Réseau de campus d’enseignement supérieur et de formation professionnelle) ont publié en octobre 2018, une série d'études sur le thème : « Usine du futur, bâtiment du futur : quelles évolutions pour les métiers cadres ? ». Plus...

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01 octobre 2018

Penser les #métiers du futur, c’est se condamner à l’obsolescence programmée !

Cracking the management codeBlog Educpros d'Isabelle Barth. J’ai rêvé de mon #métier d’enseignant dans le #futur : et je me suis vue cheminant avec des étudiants de tous âges, à l’ombre d’arbres centenaires, échangeant de façon libre et ouverte sur les enjeux et les pratiques d’un des métiers les plus complexes : celui de manager. Plus...

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30 septembre 2018

Is this JMU program the future of education?

eCampus NewsInstead of solving for X or writing a thesis about information warfare, what if college students were designing drones that could solve the world’s declining oyster population? Or creating a way for U.S. intelligence agencies to counteract information warfare through social media. More...

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How AI will shape the university of the future

eCampus NewsIn light of the fact that only 59 percent of students who begin pursuing a four-year degree at a higher-ed institution graduate within six years, many in the industry are seeking innovative ways to improve student outcomes. More...

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How colleges can avoid a scary fall in FY2020

University Business Magazine logoNo matter how much innovation and energy went into recruitment, you may be forced to wait until fall to find out what worked—or didn’t. Review of all efforts is key to future success. More...

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College students predicted to fall by more than 15 percent after 2025

University Business Magazine logoWhat does the declining birthrate mean for colleges and universities and the students who hope to get a college degree a decade from now? The answer depends on where you live in the United States and how selective the college is. More...

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29 septembre 2018

Higher ed’s test-optional movement grows significantly

University Business Magazine logoWith studies indicating that test success is relative to family income, high school quality and cultural identity, some schools are turning to other methods, including essays and short videos, to select prospective students. More...

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27 septembre 2018

Why an education in visual arts is the key to arming students for the future

The ConversationThere is a growing body of international and Australian research that demonstrates a direct link between an arts-rich education from an early age and an increase in students’ confidence, their intellectual abilities across all learning areas, problem-solving skills, and general life skills. Plus...

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