06 juillet 2019

Arguing Against 'Range' by Sharing What I Don't Know About Online Education

By Joshua Kim. Range is almost irresistibly convincing. Carefully reasoned. Expertly written.  Finish reading Range, and you will come away questioning your assumptions about the value of deliberate practice and deep specialization.  Your mind will be broadened, and your perspective will be enlarged. More...

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05 juillet 2019

Online and Out of State

HomeBy Paul Fain. Ohio's Eastern Gateway Community College draws scrutiny from lawmakers for working with an OPM to rapidly grow online enrollment of out-of-state students. More...

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Tapping Into Social Networking for E-Learning

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Various authors[Edit][Delete]: Tapping Into Social Networking for E-Learning, Australian Flexible Learning Framework [Edit][Delete]Australian Flexible Learning Framework [Edit][Delete]Australian flexible Learning Framework [Edit][Delete] July 21, 2006
The RSS item (which doesn't appear on the link at all - it was dated June 19 but only showed up in my feed reader today) read, "Almost 800 people from Australia and overseas participated in Tapping into social networking for e-learning, a free online event discussing the latest technological developments in the world of education and training." The event was held June 15 - 16. I was a bit sceptical of the headline because the discussion forums you can easily access from the main page looked pretty empty. And I wasn't encouraged by the use of Elluminate for the online forums. More...

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E-Learning 2.0 - Why the New Tools

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stephen Downes[Edit][Delete]: E-Learning 2.0 - Why the New Tools, July 20, 2006
PowerPoint slides and MP3 Audio of my online presentation today. My talk, scheduled for one hour, went (with a willing audience) closer to two hours, which was nice, because I was able to develop the topic the way I wanted. After sketching the progression of Web 2.0 tools (from personal publishing to webtops) I outlined (drawing heavily on Konrad Glogowski) how it enables new forms of learning. From this, I outlined some of the theory underlying these new forms, and from this theoretical stance, responded in part to the critics of these new models (a version of the same argument found in these pages yesterday). [Tags: , ] [Comment]. More...

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Synchronous Discussion in Online Courses

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Craig W. Smith[Edit][Delete]: Synchronous Discussion in Online Courses, Learning Circuits [Edit][Delete] July 18, 2006
The article is subtitled "A Pedagogical Strategy for Taming the Chat Beast" and that gives a pretty good sense of his attitude toward chat. No chaos and disorder for him! "The sense of community and connectedness was overshadowed by frustration. I wanted to have the opportunity to interact with the students in a more spontaneous manner while still retaining some semblance of order that would replicate a seminar-type environment." Most of the suggestions have to do with keeping quiet when other people are talking and staying on topic. More...

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04 juillet 2019

Catholic Universities Collaborate on Online Program

HomeBy Doug Lederman. A university with a rich history in online learning offers its services to a peer striving to expand the reach of a master's program. More...

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03 juillet 2019

America’s desire to reskill is making online education cheaper

Techno-News BlogThe average annual cost of a private four-year college (tuition and on-campus housing) is more than $50,000 and a public college averages just over $24,000 a year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. More...

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ASU, edX and MIT announce innovative stackable online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

Techno-News BlogCollaboration creates world’s first stacked master’s degree on edX.org from two top-ranked universities in the field. Arizona State University, edX and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced the launch of an online master’s degree program in supply chain management. More...

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How online learning is reshaping higher education

Techno-News BlogWith fewer high-school graduates and foreign students coming to class, the nation’s universities and colleges are turning to increasingly sophisticated and more affordable online courses to help fill the gap. The development of online education raises the question of whether it will evolve from a supplement to traditional in-person learning to something that supplants it. More...

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Moving From 5% to 85% Completion Rates for Online Courses

Techno-News BlogAt Acumen, where I design online courses, we’ve also been offering selective cohort-based programs for the past year that achieve completion rates of 85 percent. More...

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