25 janvier 2017

What's Your Word for 2017?

By University of Venus. We welcome the new year with our words for 2017. More...

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UVenus Responds: Inauguration Day

By University of Venus. As Inside Higher Ed reported on Monday, many groups of scholars and writers are planning teach-ins or readings for Inauguration Day tomorrow. The day after the inauguration, an estimated 200,000 women and allies will participate in a march on Washington, together with 370 sister marches  around the country and across six continents. More...

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The Ghost in the Machines of Loving Grace

By Barbara Fister. Google's mission is to organizes the world's information and make it universally accessible, Facebook's is to give us the power to share in order to make the world more connected. So why are we so ill-informed and divided. Read more...

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Institutional Values and the Value of Truth-Seeking Institutions

By Barbara Fister. When I have students read the Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics the discussion always starts with giggles and snorts. As if. Come on. Students can be enormously cynical about the news even if they rarely pick up a newspaper or tune into a broadcast. Read more...

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Books (Still) in Print

By Barbara Fister. People have a lot of odd beliefs about books. Nobody reads books anymore – except they do, overwhelmingly. Well, maybe old folks still read books, but not kids – though actually kids are much more likely to read books than people over 65. Well, but that’s because they’re reading ebooks. Read more...

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Memoirs ‘The Inventors’ and ‘Immortal for Quite Some Time’

By Oronte. Memoir: a word, fittingly, out of the Romance languages. Not only does the form go back to Montaigne and La Rochefoucald (and Caesar before them), but also the current American variety tends to feature affairs of the heart. Read more...

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One Person, Many Places

By Shira Lurie. Living between two worlds as a grad student.
This is how I, and many other graduate students from other countries, live: we have two places we call home. Graduate school is hard; graduate school in an unfamiliar country, even harder

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Hidden Figures: Librarians

By Shira Lurie. A librarian explains why grad students should consult her colleagues more often.
Can you name at least one librarian at your college/university? When was the last time you frequented the library for purposes other than studying, writing group sessions, or to snag a caffeinated drink? Be honest… I won’t snitch. 

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Liberal Arts in a World Gone Mad

By Shira Lurie. Humanities programs have encountered decades of difficulty justifying a liberal arts degree to students and, often, their fee-paying parents. It is hard to compete with the attractive jobs being offered in fields like computer science and medical research. Indeed, the appeal of a clear career path - an engineering major becomes an engineer, for example - has risen in tandem with tuition costs. And now humanities scholars face yet another obstacle: the Trump era. Read more...

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Stop and Research the Roses

By Emily Roberts. The start of 2017 means another semester is in the books for us GradHackers. We made it! But the break in action is fleeting; after catching our breath over a winter hiatus, we’ll resume our studies at full throttle, racing toward our goals and graduations. Other GradHackers have observed that graduate school is like a marathon, and we runners are trying to get it over with as quickly as possible despite the impossibly long route. Read more...

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