30 janvier 2017

How university marketing is evolving post-Brexit

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "marketingweek.com logo"By . The high price tag of education, fierce competition within the sector and the Brexit vote have combined to mean universities need to work harder than ever to attract Gen Z students. More...

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Business over-influences university research agenda

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "irishexaminer.com logo"By Niall Murray. Departing UCC president, Michael Murphy, welcomes funding from industry but worries it dictates research decisions, he tells Education Correspondent Niall Murray.
The business community has too much influence on Ireland’s research agenda, at the expense of non-scientific disciplines, the outgoing president of University College Cork, Michael Murphy, says. More...

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Anticipating Union Budget 2017-18 for India’s education sector

LogoBy Aakash Chaudhry. The clocks are ticking, making people restless yet again. While students await their approaching examinations, a date more crucial for their immediate as well as long-term future is also near. The entire education sector awaits the Union Budget for FY2017-18, which is scheduled for announcement on February 1. More...

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9.782.265 Studierende im Ausland

Fast 10 Millionen Menschen werden von 1987 bis Ende 2017 mit Erasmus+, den europäischen Bildungsprogrammen, im europäischen Ausland gewesen sein, so die Projektion der Europäischen Kommission. More...

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Explore Global Universities' Disability Support Services

By Anayat Durrani. Universities overseas may make various accommodations to help international students with disabilities earn degrees.
As a doctor who lost his vision due to cataract disease, Dr. Emmanuel Ita Bassey says he learned quickly that disability was not a recognized concept in his native Nigeria. He says the educational curriculum there also wasn't accessible for people with disabilities. More...

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Britain's universities must change to survive. Higher education reform is the way forward

The TelegraphBy . Ten years ago, none of the following existed: the iPhone, Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook had not made it to the UK, and Twitter had just been founded. The change to our lives made by these innovations has been truly profound. The next 10 years will undoubtedly see as much technological change, if not more. More...

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Foreign students in Ireland face health insurance hikes

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "irishtimes.com logo"By. New measure a ‘big blow’ for Government plans to attract more students from abroad.
Thousands of international students based in Ireland face dramatic hikes in health insurance because their policies are deemed to be in breach of the law. More...

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Teure Grenzgänger überschwemmen die Universität Basel

Basler ZeitungBy Thomas Dähler. Der Streit zwischen den beiden Basel um die ständig wachsenden Kosten ihrer Universität hat eine Hauptursache: die teuren Grenzgänger, die in Basel studieren. Anders als immer wieder behauptet, sind es nicht die exzellenten Ausländer aus aller Welt, die am meisten zum Kostenwachstum der Universität beitragen, sondern die Grenzgänger aus Baden-Württemberg. Gemäss einem vom Bundesamt für Statistik 2015 publizierten Themenbericht handelt es sich bei neun Prozent der in Basel Studierenden (ohne Doktorierende) um Grenzgänger. More...

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U.S. Department of Education launches supplement to technology plan focused on higher education

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "news.mit.edu"By . The average higher education student of today is no longer an 18-year old undergraduate student who receives a bachelor’s degree in four years to move into the workforce. Seventy four percent of today’s undergraduates have at least one non-traditional characteristic: They are transfers, adults with dependents, full- or part-time workers, minorities, or first-generation university attendees. And the greatest need for higher education is among vulnerable groups such as 24-year-old single mothers and 50-year-old displaced workers. More...

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Belarusian business education: from a command economy to the market

HomeBy Ryhor Astapenia. The Belarusian authorities have recently shown interest in developing business education; evidence of this can be found in the Concept adopted by the Belarusian government in 2015. However, the Ministry of Education has not yet done much to adjust state regulations to match the situation on the ground. More...

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