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24 avril 2015

The growing role of senior international officers

By Daniel Kratochvil and Grace Karram Stephenson. Over the past decade university internationalisation has been described, debated and occasionally decried, with some scholars claiming its inevitability while others speaking of its imminent demise.
But while there may be little consensus among scholars on what internationalisation could or should entail at universities around the world, the ambition of most universities is to engage in internationalisation on a strategic, comprehensive level. Read more...
24 avril 2015

Intelligent internationalisation: A 21st century imperative

By Laura E Rumbley. One of the most important issues facing higher education around the world for the next two decades is the crucial need for “intelligent internationalisation”.
As a response to globalisation, as a strategy for enhanced quality or visibility, or as an isomorphic response to developments in the environment, internationalisation is arguably one of the most significant issues currently affecting higher education institutions across the globe. Read more...
24 avril 2015

Broadening ambitions for international education

By Craig Whitsed and Wendy Green. Recent race protests around Australia and the rise of the Reclaim Australia movement and others like it suggest the federal government’s ambitions for international education will need to broaden if racist and xenophobic attitudes are to be curtailed.
Although the federal government’s Draft National Strategy for International Education claims to take “a broad view of what constitutes international education”, its focus is disappointingly narrow. Read more...
24 avril 2015

Towards a sustainable, humane society

By Jandhyala BG Tilak. Vasudhaiva kutumbakam is a phrase drawn from ancient Indian Vedic literature that simply means ‘global family’. It is not just about peace and harmony among the people living in different parts of the world, but also about a truth that somehow the whole of humankind has to live together like a family in peace and harmony and that any power in the world, big or small cannot have its own way while disregarding others. Read more...
24 avril 2015

Should only 'bright' students gain entry to university?

By Conor King. Who should go to university: Only the select few or all who want to?
This is the question that ran through a Universities Australia conference last month. It is also the question lurking behind the contentious funding and fees debate that has wracked higher education for the past year – and is the issue that will determine how well higher education supports Australia’s future. Read more...
24 avril 2015

Crosstalks: Where great minds from around the world meet

By Jan Petter Myklebust. Crosstalks is an international academic forum broadcast as a talk show. It claims to gather “the brightest minds to share their knowledge and insights on the basis of world-leading research”. University World News readers can listen to the latest broadcast on Thursday this week when the subject will be “Understanding and mapping the human brain”. Further details can be found at the end of this report. Read more...
24 avril 2015

Debating the impact of research on society

More than 400 university leaders and representatives from the European higher education sector met on 16 and 17 April at the annual conference of the European University Association, where Professor Rolf Tarrach, former rector of the trilingual University of Luxembourg, was elected president as the sole candidate for the position. Read more...
24 avril 2015

First non-Norwegian to head nation’s largest university college

By Jan Petter Myklebust. Minnesota-born Professor Curt Rice has been appointed rector of the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, the largest university college in Norway aspiring to become a university. Read more...
24 avril 2015

Strategy aims to attract more foreigners to study and stay on

By Geoff Maslen. Australia is among the most popular study destinations in the world for international students and over the past 50 years, more than 2.5 million foreigners have enrolled in the nation’s universities, vocational education institutions and schools.
Now the federal government has set out a Draft National Strategy for International Education to boost international student numbers so as to again have 631,000 studying with Australian education institutions here and overseas as was the case in 2009, instead of the 590,000 enrolled last year. Read more...
24 avril 2015

Private universities and branch campuses ‘technically insolvent’

By Emilia Tan. Many of Malaysia’s private universities, including foreign branch campuses, are facing financial and managerial problems and more than half will experience financial distress as a result of recent changes to the national student loans scheme, according to a new report. Read more...
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