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27 avril 2015

Report: Residential Wi-Fi Gets Faster, More Expensive

HomeFor the first time, more than half, or 51.4 percent, of the 550 colleges and universities surveyed for this year's Annual State of the ResNet Report devoted one gigabit of their bandwidth to residential networks, and costs are increasing as a result. Read more...

27 avril 2015

Judge Orders Hearing on Caged Chimpanzees' Rights

HomeA New York State judge has ordered the State University of New York at Stony Brook to show a legal justification for keeping two chimpanzees caged, The New York Times reported. Read more...

27 avril 2015

Unusual Protest for More Gender-Neutral Restrooms

HomeCalifornia Polytechnic University's Queer Student Union organized a demonstration (please be warned that link features an image of excrement) Thursday to protest the university's lack of restrooms that can safely be used by transgender students. The demonstration, in which students were encouraged to use only gender-neutral restrooms on campus, was called a "shit-in." Read more...

27 avril 2015

U of Hong Kong Backtracks on Required Study in China

HomeThe University of Hong Kong will not require its undergraduate students to visit mainland China, an administrator there said Monday amid blowback from students concerned about China's growing influence on the former British colony, The New York Times reported. Read more...

27 avril 2015

Rich New Resource on Postsecondary Attainment

HomeA new federal report presents a wealth of data about how 2002's 10th graders fared in higher education (and not) a decade later -- potentially offering researchers and policy makers enormous insight into who attains postsecondary success and why.
The report offers a first look at new data from one of the U.S. Education Department's most important longitudinal research studies, the Educational Longitudinal Study of 2002, which followed 10th graders through to the 2012-13 academic year. Read more...

27 avril 2015

Clinton Criticizes For-Profits, Talks College Costs

HomeHillary Clinton, on her first trip to Iowa after declaring her presidential candidacy, criticized for-profit colleges and talked about college costs in a discussion at Kirkwood Community College. Read more...

27 avril 2015

ACT's New Model of College and Career Readiness

HomeACT on Wednesday released a paper that seeks to define workplace readiness. The nonprofit testing firm also called for a new model of college and career readiness that argues that the skills needed in those two areas, while overlapping, are distinct. Read more...

27 avril 2015

Education Dept. Approves Two More Direct-Assessment Programs

HomeThe U.S. Department of Education has granted federal aid eligibility to two new academic programs that do not rely on the credit hour -- a form of competency-based education called direct assessment. So far six institutions have earned approval from the department and regional accreditors for direct-assessment programs. Read more...

27 avril 2015

All College Expenses Should Be Deductible

HomeSenator Rand Paul of Kentucky, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, on Friday called for all college expenses to be tax deductible, The Los Angeles Times reported. He did so while criticizing President Obama's proposal to make community college free. Read more...

27 avril 2015

A Long-Term View of College-Educated Workers

HomeThe Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce regularly releases analyses on education and job-market trends. A new report out today looks back over decades to track some of the long-term trends -- and they reinforce the importance of higher education. Read more...

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