20 février 2020

Plagiarize This Jot

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Plagiarize This Jot
Christopher J. Sprigman, Jotwell, 2020/01/14
This is an interesting thought: "Essentially, academic plagiarism norms are the equivalent of a tax imposed on junior scholars, for the benefit of senior scholars. Junior scholars must err on the side of attributing ideas to senior scholars, whether or not attribution is accurate or helpful, on pain of suffering a plagiarism accusation". More...

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12 janvier 2020

Russian Journals Retract More Than 800 Papers Following Probe

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Russian academic journals are retracting more than 800 papers following an investigation by a Russian Academy of Sciences-appointed commission, Science reported. The investigation comes amid concerns in Russian science about plagiarism, self-plagiarism and “gift authorship,” in which academics are listed as co-authors without contributing work. More...

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11 janvier 2020

The Repetition Compulsion

HomeScott McLemee explores various scholars' rationales for self-plagiarism. More...

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Against Recycling

HomeThe concept of self-plagiarism is peculiar and in some ways more interesting than ordinary plagiarism, observes Scott McLemee. More...

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Plagiarize This!

HomeWhy is brazenly putting one's name on a text that someone else wrote repugnant? Should it be? Scott McLemee explores the issue. More...

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13 novembre 2019

Blackboard Unveils Plagiarism Prevention Service

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Blackboard Unveils Plagiarism Prevention Service
Blackboard has launched a plagiarism detection service. It compares submitted work to a database of 2.6 million papers along with articles submitted by institutions and 'voluntarily' by students. The company is also up to its old tricks - despite the longstanding (and controversial) existence of TurnItIn, Blackboard does not even blush when it claims that "SafeAssign is a unique plagiarism prevention service because student and/or faculty papers are included." It's hard not to see the irony in the copying of an anti-plagiarism service. More...

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11 octobre 2019

Près d’un étudiant français sur deux a déjà fait un plagiat

Le plagiat a beau être strictement interdit dans l’enseignement supérieur, les étudiants comprennent visiblement mal ce que ce terme veut dire, selon une étude européenne réalisée par l’université de Coventry. Plus...

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30 septembre 2019

La France toujours aussi passive face aux plagiats

Dans une enquête à charge, une professeur accuse l’université française de fermer les yeux sur ces fraudes et certains mandarins de plagier leurs doctorants. Plus...

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29 septembre 2019

Corée du Sud : le monde universitaire secoué par des plagiats massifs

200 professeurs issus de 50 universités différentes sont accusés de s’être approprié les livres d’autres auteurs. Certains éditeurs sont accusés d’avoir fermé les yeux sur la pratique, et pour certains, de l’avoir encouragée. Plus...

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27 septembre 2019

Can You Plagiarize A Photograph?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Can You Plagiarize A Photograph?
You stand in the same place as someone did once before, point your camera in the same direction - usually at something obvious, like the Eiffel Tower or the Sydney Opera House - and you take what amounts to the same picture as your predecessor. Is it plagiarism? The answer is not so obvious as you might think. Certainly, there is a premium for originality - I was really pleased in 2004, for example, to have been able to take this photo of the opera house from a different angle than the thousands of shots taken before mine. More...

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