05 octobre 2014

The Current Ecosystem of Learning Management Systems in Higher Education

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Current Ecosystem of Learning Management Systems in Higher Education
Eden Dahlstrom, D. Christopher Brooks, Jacqueline Bichsel, EDUCAUSE, 2014/10/01
As Audrey Watters comments, the LMS is back and humming like it's 1997. "Global learning management system (LMS) revenue was estimated at $1.9–2.6 billion in 2013, with projected growth to $7.8 billion by 2018.3 These estimates include the K–12 market, corporate training, and higher education segments and demonstrate clearly the considerable scope of the LMS market." More...

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27 septembre 2014

Seven ways to mitigate campus risk

University Business LogoBy Paula V. Smith. A recent survey of 921 higher education leaders found a “conflicted” attitude toward comprehensive risk programs. Academic leaders say that ERM is an institutional priority, yet many of them don’t follow through. At Grinnell, we examined risks across the institution and found these seven methods of ERM can help a campus learn to engage with risk in productive and creative ways. More...

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Campus Management, Workday Expand Product Lineups


Enterprise resource management software providers Campus Management and Workday are both rolling out updates to their product lineups ahead of the annual Educause conference next week, and both companies are emphasizing their products' mobile features.
Campus Management launched CampusNexus, a combination of its CampusVue system and Talisma consumer relationship management software. Read more...

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06 septembre 2014

Five top tips for new department heads – and they’re not what you expect

The Guardian homeBy Maiken Umbach. If you think you know what being a head of department entails, think again. These days, it’s about making connections and being an ambassador. Read more...

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31 août 2014

College presidents predict 4 new institutional models for higher-ed

eCampus NewsBy . A new think-tank-esque collection of leading college and university presidents last year came together to discuss the trends and disruptions shaping higher education thanks to new technologies and the evolving global economy. Outside of just naming trends, they also predicted four new models of higher-ed that may exist in the next 10 years. More...

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Should universities be run like startups?

eCampus NewsBy . There’s growing momentum around the question as to whether or not colleges and universities should run like startups; in other words, should higher-ed institutions cater more to the economy with collaboration, curriculum, and services to pipeline students for jobs? However, it seems many practices implemented in leading universities may already embody the collaborative startup mentality. More...

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28 août 2014

Manager n'est pas materner

http://leblogrh.recruteurs.apec.fr/wp-content/uploads/PMarzin.jpgPar Pierre Marzin. La difficile mission du manager est de veiller à trouver l'équilibre entre le développement de son équipe, l'atteinte de ses objectifs et la fuite du maternage.
La posture du manager n'est pas toujours facile. Il doit mener son équipe à l'atteinte des objectifs qu'il aura veillé à définir comme smart (spécifique, mesurable, accepté, réalisable, temporellement défini). Dans le même temps, il lui est demandé d'accompagner son équipe dans le développement de ses compétences, en lui transmettant son expérience ou en lui donnant la possibilité de se former, par exemple. Il doit la féliciter et éventuellement la récompenser quand les objectifs sont atteints. Suite...

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10 août 2014

Academics Anonymous: an open letter to university 'leaders'

The Guardian homeBy Stop mistaking change for progress, and start trusting the people who work for you.
Dear leaders,
I address you as "leaders" because, for some reason (perhaps manager comes too close to rhyming with janitor for your liking), you've increasingly taken to styling yourselves in this way. How grand. How imposing. How spurious.
Leaders are followed. The capacity and willingness to drive people along with the use of the pitchfork of threatened redundancy or the flaming torch of disciplinary action does not make a leader and the mere fact that you so brazenly call yourselves leaders is evidence of the malaise that prompts me to write.
For the record, if you're not Alexander, Napoleon, Monty or the modern equivalent you're not really a leader. Be neither managers nor leaders. Be provosts, masters, principals, vice-chancellors, rectors, deans, registrars, bursars. How quaint. How medieval. How refreshing. Read more...

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05 août 2014

The Talent Management Systems Market Surges Ahead

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Talent Management Systems Market Surges Ahead
Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte, Jul 28, 2014

The flip side of learning management in the corporate world is talent management. These systems are every bit as involved with learning as the systems used in colleges and universities. More...

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05 juillet 2014

Sri Lanka Higher Education Ministry to network universities through a cloud based management system

Lankapage LogoSri Lanka Ministry of Higher Education has taken steps to network the entire higher education system of the country through a cloud based, web enabled management information system.
The computer system is to work under nine modules. They are student information and education, human resources and management, supply and facilities, accounts and finance, inventory control, fixed assets, payroll, library management and students' self-defense. More...

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