31 mai 2016

Time for liberal arts colleges to help students find their true vocation

University Business LogoBy Bryon L. Grigsby. For liberal arts colleges, the idea of knowledge for knowledge sake can no longer be your primary focus. More...

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26 mai 2016

Entretiens Jean Zay : "Penser un nouvel humanisme européen"

Le 14 avril 2016, la ministre a lancé le cycle de conférences "Les entretiens Jean Zay". Organisé tous les mois par le ministère de l'Éducation Nationale, en partenariat avec Conversation France et le Monde, "Les entretiens Jean Zay" constituent un nouveau cycle de rencontres avec de jeunes chercheurs de l'université française, intellectuels et scientifiques qui interviennent, par leurs travaux et publications, dans le débat d'idées, la vie démocratique et la circulation des savoirs.
Ces deuxièmes entretiens ont vu intervenir Julia Kristeva, écrivain, psychanalyste, professeur émérite à l'Université Paris 7- Diderot, et Abdennour Bidar, philosophe, essayiste, membre du comité de rédaction de la revue Esprit. Voir l'article...

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24 mai 2016

In Which I Consider Resorting to a T-Shirt Cannon

By Matt Reed. Last year I wrote at some length about a report showing that the “death of the humanities” narrative is exactly wrong when applied to community colleges; recent statistics showed that humanities majors are the fastest-growing majors in the two-year sector. More...

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23 mai 2016

Saving the Liberal Arts

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. Scholars at conference on whether liberal arts need saving focus on evolving threats, including diminishing attention spans, mounting consumerism and a desire by administrators to quantify everything. Read more...

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15 mai 2016

Surviving conference season: What to pack

Résultat de recherche d'images pour By Tara Siebarth. We are fast approaching conference season in academe. As academics everywhere put the finishing touches on their presentation notes and confirm hotel reservations, we at University Affairs  are collecting your advice on how to survive conference season. Some of these posts will be specific to the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, since a large part of our readership will be attending, but many of the tips can be applied to any academic conference. More...

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Pourquoi si peu de chercheurs en lettres aujourd’hui en France ?

Par Sandra Ktourza. Florent Montaclair est médaille d'or 2016 de la Société internationale de philologie, l'équivalent littéraire de la médaille Fields. Pour lui, en France aujourd'hui, la recherche en lettres se porte mal. Voir l'article...

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14 mai 2016

Reflections on the Future of Small, Private, Rural Liberal Arts Colleges (Part 1)

The EvoLLLutionBy Alice Brown - EvoLLLution. An unwillingness to adapt to shifting market conditions and a strict belief in the long-term viability of the traditional model of higher education could be the downfall of many small, private institutions. More...

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Art Institute of Atlanta gets students college-minded early

University Business Magazine logoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. As a youngster, Fabian Herrera was enthralled with animation and art. Now that the Lawrenceville resident is a senior at Brookwood High, he’s still finding time to devote to his artistic endeavors. More...

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Are computers killing off craft? Not a chance

The Guardian homeBy. Today’s art students are ready to embrace both traditional and digital approaches: universities must inspire them to breathe new life into old forms. More...

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12 mai 2016

From Suppressing to Compelling

HomeBy Daphne Patai and Harvey Silverglate. The transition of American college campuses from centers of liberal arts education to ideological training camps has taken a major step forward with a recent redefinition of what counts as social and cultural diversity in courses that wish to receive general education credits at the flagship University of Massachusetts campus in Amherst. Read more...

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