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29 janvier 2019

Checking All the Boxes, to No Avail

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. Green Mountain College in Vermont tried many of the most popular strategies to set itself up to survive in the face of harsh population trends, but it didn't work. What does that mean for other private liberal arts colleges. More...

26 janvier 2019

La révolution informatique des sciences sociales

C2RP Carif-Oref Hauts-de-FranceLes formations en "humanités numériques" sont en plein essor et accompagnent le changement des pratiques professionnelles. Plus...
14 janvier 2019

Graduate Education Reform, Starting With Advising

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. Historians and language professors discuss strategies for improving advising and graduate education in general at recent annual meetings. More...

7 janvier 2019

Portsmouth hosts int’l teaching conference

By Claudia Civinini. The University of Portsmouth Faculty of Humanities and Social Science decided to theme its teaching and learning conference around internationalisation. More...

21 décembre 2018

How these humanities graduates are finding jobs in Silicon Valley

University Business Magazine logoOnly 1 in 20 college degrees awarded today are in the humanities or liberal arts, as a perception persists that these fields don't provide marketable skills for students entering the workforce. More...

21 décembre 2018

Will half of all colleges really close in the next decade?

University Business Magazine logoHarvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen consistently turns heads in higher education by predicting that 50% of colleges and universities will close or go bankrupt in the next decade. More...

21 décembre 2018

The liberal arts may not survive the 21st century

University Business Magazine logoFor many years, wisconsin had one of the finest public-university systems in the country. It was built on an idea: that the university’s influence should not end at the campus’s borders, that professors—and the students they taught—should “search for truth” to help state legislators write laws, aid the community with technical skills, and generally improve the quality of life across the state. More...

21 décembre 2018

Iowa university leads crackdown on student unions

University Business Magazine logoA liberal arts college in Iowa is taking a hardline anti-union approach that could put student unions at private American colleges and universities in jeopardy across the whole country. More...

20 décembre 2018

Can tech and the humanities exist side by side? Can they afford not to?

University Business Magazine logoAs technology permeates our daily lives, the societal benefits of a digital society are coming under greater scrutiny. Even some rank-and-file employees in Silicon Valley are beginning to wonder about the outsize influence of their companies and the ethical lapses of their executives, as evidenced by recent worker uprisings at Facebook and Google. More...

18 décembre 2018

Baker University announces $1.2M gift to support liberal arts education

University Business Magazine logo The skills most sought by employers by 2020 will be critical thinking and complex problem solving, according to a 2016 World Economic Forum report. And Baker University, the top-rated private university in Kansas, is preparing its graduates to meet those market needs with a generous gift from the Swogger Foundation. More...

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