05 juin 2017

EASSH - Members - Academia Europaea

The Academia Europaea is a functioning European Academy of Humanities, Letters and Sciences, composed of individual members. Membership is by invitation.  
Invitations are made only after peer group nomination, scrutiny and confirmation as to the scholarship and eminence of the individual in their chosen field. Election is confirmed by the Council of the Academia. More...

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EASSH - Members - IHA - Irish Humanities Alliance

The Irish Humanities Alliance (IHA) was formed in September 2013. It is a joint initiative of Humanities researchers within eleven higher education and research institutions, including all of the universities, North and South, Dublin Institute of Technology and the Royal Irish Academy. More...

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EASSH - Members - ESEH - European Society for Environmental History

ESEH aims to:

  • encourage the study of European environmental history in a comparative perspective;
  • foster communication among environmental historians across Europe, and with colleagues elsewhere;
  • promote the further institutional development of environmental history within secondary and tertiary education;
  • promote the research and use of environmental history in academic programmes;
  • strengthen the crucial link between environmental history, all policy-making, and the general public.

In order to achieve these goals ESEH has developed a range of activities since its inception in 1999. More...

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EASSH - Members - ESA - European Sociological Association

The European Sociological Association (ESA) aims to facilitate sociological research, teaching and communication on European issues, and to give sociology a voice in European affairs. 
ESA is an academic association of sociologists and a non-profit Europe-wide association made up of over 2000 members. It was established in 1992, following deliberations and consultations among sociologists from a diverse range of countries. More...

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EASSH - Members - ECPSA - The European Confederation of Political Science Associations

ECPSA promotes the discipline of political science throughout Europe. As the European higher education landscape is increasingly harmonised, there is need for an organisation to promote the discipline’s interests and pursue its professional goals. The Confederation seeks to make political science more meaningful in public debate and policy-making. It facilitates collaboration between political science associations with the aim of improving services and benefits to the members of each. More...

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EASSH - Members - FIEC International Federation of Associations of Classical Studies

The International Federation of Associations of Classical Studies (FIEC) is an umbrella organization that covers most associations of classical studies of national importance around the world. Its aim is to foster cooperation among classical scholars by disseminating information among affiliated associations, enabling direct contact between Delegates, informing governmental authorities on the importance of classical studies. It also contributes to the support of classical studies on all continents, and more generally takes any apropriate action that will help to sustain classical studies at an international level. More...

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EASSH - Members - EGPA/GEAP European Group for Public Administration / Groupe européen pour l'Administration publique

The EGPA is a regional group of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) whose purpose is to strengthen contacts and exchanges among European specialists in Public Administration, both scholars and practitioners. It aims to provide academics and practitioners with European Platform for Public Administration. More...

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EASSH - Members - ERSA - European Regional Science Association

The European Regional Science Association (ERSA) is the supranational grouping of national regional science associations across Europe. Members are academics, policy professionals and researchers interested in spatial economics and planning, regional and local development and related issues. They are drawn largely from the disciplines of economics, geography and planning. There are presently 19 active associations (commonly named ’sections’), some, such as the German or French speaking sections, organized on linguistic groupings and covering more than one country. More...

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EASSH - Members - EERA - European Educational Research Association

The aim of the ‘European Educational Research Association’ (EERA) is to further high quality educational research for the benefit of education and society. High quality research not only acknowledges its own context but also recognises wider, transnational contexts with their social, cultural and political similarities and differences. The association’s activities, such as the annual conference, season schools for emerging researchers and publishing, build on and promote free and open dialogue and critical discussion and take a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to theory, methods and research ethics. More...

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EASSH - Members - ECHIC - European Consortium for Humanities Institutes and Centres

European Consortium for Humanities Institutes and Centres, is a university-based initiative to organise European Research Institutes, Humanities Faculties and Centres for the Humanities.
The profile of the humanities in Europe today has become a contested space that is often the focus of polemical debates but seldom the object of rigorous scientific discussions. This consortium rests on the double assumption that effective international and intra-European networking in defence of the humanities, on the one hand, and interdisciplinary research across the field of the humanities, on the other, can play a significant role in shaping this debate about the humanities today and offer workable alternatives to the renewal of the field. More...

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