31 août 2019

Council of Europe honours Roma Holocaust victims

Conseil de l'EuropeSeventy-five years ago, the remaining Roma of the so-called “Zigeunerlager” (Gypsy camp) – 2,897 men, women and children – were exterminated in the gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The liquidation of the camp on 2 August 1944 was a particularly dark chapter of the Roma Holocaust: an attempt by the Nazi regime and those who supported it to exterminate the Romani people of Europe. More...

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27 août 2019

La commune de Saül fête ses 50 ans

Alternatives EconomiquesSur le blog de Michel Abhervé pour Alternatives économiques. La commune comptait 417 habitants à sa création. Sa population est descendue à 63 habitants en 1990, suite aux difficultés de l'orpaillage, avant de remonter à 151 en 2016. Ils sont répartis sur 4475 km² , ce qui fait une densité de 0,03 hab./km2. Plus...

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26 août 2019

Great Shot - Where'd You Take That?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stewart Butterfield[Edit][Delete]: Great Shot - Where'd You Take That?, Flickr [Edit][Delete] August 29, 2006
Flickr has added (finally) geotagging to its photo metadata, which means that photographers can place their photos on a map. This article describes the process. I tested the system and geotagged my photos from Halifax - here is one of the photos, and you can see the geotag information in small print on the right side ("Taken in Halifax, Nova Scotia (map)"). What is interesting to me is how this sort of metadata specification is being developed - not all at once, handed down as though a Bible from a body of experts, but iteratively, one item at a time, after a lot of experimentation and commenting about it. I would say that more people, and more time, was involved in developing this one item of metadata than was involved in the whole first version of the IMS protocols. And if you try it, you will see some of the results of this - like the location privacy setting! Also - note how, when the protocol was introduced, phtographers also got an easy tool for creating such metadata. More...

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By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Bronwen[Edit][Delete]: Bronwen, August 29, 2006
People like Bronwen should be celebrated (and also held up as evidence that people are engaged in society, even if they have (for good reason) given up on the political process). She said, on the news item tonight, "I was bullied for nine years, and then I became a bully myself. So I've seen both sides." On her website she writes, "I am no longer suffering, but the effects linger. Sometimes when I take on a big project (like this album) I hear the little voices in my head saying youre not good enough, youre not popular enough, youre not pretty enough, people wont like you. More...

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The Children's Machine

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Weslet Fryer[Edit][Delete]: The Children's Machine, Moving at the Speed of Creativity [Edit][Delete] August 28, 2006
In what is an astonishing bit of rebranding, the $100 computer is now being called "The Children's Machine". I do like what I'm seeing of the development - wireless mesh, possible VOIP support, digital images and video support, and more. More...

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No Suit Required

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Jeff Howe[Edit][Delete]: No Suit Required, Wired News [Edit][Delete]Wired news [Edit][Delete] August 28, 2006
One of the reasons I have supported open source and open content is that it favours small producers. When content, copyrights and intellectual property in general are owned, this favour large producers. Nowhere is this clearer than in the music industry, where (somehow!) people king William Hung and Paris Hilton are made 'stars' via marketing hype. If you're not part of the program, you can forget it. Now I happen to be a fan of artists like the Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLaughlin. And I have seen these quality acts get little, if any, promotion through traditional means. So I am not surprised to see them working with Nettwerk Music Group - a company that doesn't want to 'own' them, it just wants to sell CDs with their music. More...

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Did You Say 3,000 a Day!

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. StevenB[Edit][Delete]: Did You Say 3,000 a Day!, ACRLog [Edit][Delete] August 25, 2006

The neat thing in this article is the direct link to the contract between Google and the University of California Library System to have Google digitize books. I have to think that if they have this agreement with the University of California Library System there won't be too many books that need digitizing after they're done. More...

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Blackboard: A Good Investment?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Alfred Essa[Edit][Delete]: Blackboard: A Good Investment?, NOSE [Edit][Delete] August 25, 2006

I would say not, though the stocks for the first few weeks after the patent story broke were flat (though it has dipped recedntly). More...

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Belly up to the BarCamp

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Bascha Harris[Edit][Delete]: Belly up to the BarCamp, RedHat [Edit][Delete] August 24, 2006

When O'Reilly created the 'Foo Camp', inviting a group of experts to an invitation-only conference, they didn't know what they started. What they started was 'Bar camp', the response to 'Foo Camp' created by those who didn't get invitations. More...

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40 ans d'aide à domicile, une utopie d'avenir, à Trélon

Alternatives EconomiquesSur le blog de Michel Abhervé pour Alternatives économiques. Pour les 40 ans de l'ADAR, Association d'Aide à Domicile en Activités Regroupées, rayonnant sur le pays Sambre-Avesnois-Thiérache, dans le Sud du département du Nord, j'ai été amené à faire la synthèse d'une journée tenue à Trélon sur le thème 40 ans d'aide à domicile, une utopie d'avenir. Plus...

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