25 mai 2015

Bipartisan Bill on Wage Data

HomeNewly introduced legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives would enable the linking of student-level enrollment information with data on employment and wages. The bipartisan bill would provide post-graduate earnings averages at both the institutional and academic program levels, wrote Amy Laitinen, deputy director of New America's higher education program. Read more...

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Report Blasts 'Fantasy World' of Presidential Benefits

HomeAn Illinois Senate report will be released today blasting the "fantasy world of lavish perks" for presidents of public colleges and universities, The Chicago Tribune reported. The study criticizes funds given to presidents for cars, homes and clubs as well as large severance packages provided to a number of presidents. Read more...

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Two-Thirds of Risk Managers Say Frats Are Major Liability

HomeTwo-thirds of college and university risk managers responding to a recent survey said they consider the risks associated with fraternities to be among the most significant risks facing higher education. Read more...

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Moody's: State Controls Limit Options for Higher Ed

HomePublic universities under strong control from their state legislatures and governing systems are having a more difficult time responding to the financial pressures on public higher education, according to a new report from Moody's. State governments can control decisions as wide ranging as tuition rates to faculty pay levels to procurement, despite the fact that many legislatures with such policies have also dramatically dropped their funding levels. Read more...

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After the Cameras Leave

HomeBy Freeman A. Hrabowski III. America and much of the world have been transfixed by recent events in Baltimore. What’s most important, however, comes after the cameras leave. 
More than 50 years ago, Americans also were riveted as dogs and fire hoses were unleashed on the marching children of Birmingham, Ala. Participating in that march was the most terrifying experience of my life. Even so, it was not the hardest. Read more...

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'End of the World' for Amateurism?

HomeBy Jake New. The former president of Northwestern University said Tuesday that if the university was forced to consider college athletes as employees, he hopes Northwestern would leave big-time colleges sports behind. Read more...

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New Money for Japan Studies

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. The Japanese government recently announced gifts of $5 million each to support the study of contemporary Japanese politics and foreign policy at Columbia and Georgetown Universities and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Read more...

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Federal Error Rates Criticized

HomeBy Michael Stratford. The U.S. Department of Education last fall switched its approach to estimating how much it improperly paid out in Pell Grants and student loans after officials learned their initial methodology would have shown large jumps in erroneous payments, the department’s watchdog unit said in a report issued Tuesday. Read more...

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Risk Sharing, Yes. But How?

HomeBy Michael Stratford. A congressional hearing here Wednesday was the latest illustration of what has, in recent years, become a bedrock reality of the politics of higher education at the federal level: lawmakers across the political spectrum want to hold colleges more accountable for student outcomes. Read more...

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24 mai 2015

Buying Outsiders

HomeBy Kellie Woodhouse. Public universities are using non-need-based aid to recruit out-of-state students, at the expense of low-income and in-state students.
That’s the thesis of a report released today by New America. Read more...

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