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7 juin 2015

Attitude change necessary to improve life for next generation of First Nations

Go to the Globe and Mail homepageBy John Ibbitson. If the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission brings solace and healing to lives damaged by years in residential schools, then it is worth the time and expense. Read more...
7 juin 2015

First Nations University poised to take on larger role in Canadian society

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "universityaffairs"By Rosanna Tamburri. Mark Dockstator, president of First Nations University of Canada, uses a chart to illustrate how the relationship between First Nations people and Canadian society has evolved over the years. It shows aboriginal people moving from a state he calls “citizens minus” prior to 1970 to being a group that by 2015 had made significant strides in attaining land claims agreements, constitutional rights, self-governance and, most recently, in reasserting Native title over natural resources on traditional lands. More...

2 juin 2015

This Is What Happens When You Slash Funding for Public Universities

By Michelle Goldberg. Like other struggling schools, the University of Arizona is raising out-of-state tuition—and courting the affluent students who can afford to pay it. More...

2 juin 2015

California community college combats Latino higher education gap

When the Campaign for College Opportunity released its report on Latinos, the headlines in national newspapers were loud and clear: Latinos face a post-secondary education gap.
And because Latinos make up nearly 40 percent of California’s population, this gap has implications for the whole economy. One community college in Santa Rosa has been striving to bridge that gap by building clear pathways into higher education. More...

2 juin 2015

Native American Indian Education Act fixes a costly pledge

The Denver PostFor more than a century, Fort Lewis College in Durango has served an important role in providing free tuition to American Indians.
The pact struck in 1910 deeded the college to the state in return for an agreement that Fort Lewis College would provide free education to American Indians in perpetuity. A similar agreement was struck in Minnesota. More...

1 juin 2015

Bipartisan Bill on Wage Data

HomeNewly introduced legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives would enable the linking of student-level enrollment information with data on employment and wages. The bipartisan bill would provide postgraduate earnings averages at both the institutional and academic program levels, wrote Amy Laitinen, deputy director of New America's higher education program. Read more...

1 juin 2015

UNC Will Remove Name of Klan Leader From Building

HomeThe board of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill voted to change the name of Saunders Hall, which since 1920 has honored William L. Saunders, a Reconstruction-era leader of the Ku Klux Klan. Read more...

31 mai 2015

A New College for Old Credits

HomeBy Jacqueline Thomsen. A program aimed at helping adults finish incomplete degrees will be Rhode Island’s newest college.
College Unbound, a degree-completion program and now a private nonprofit college, will be allowed to award undergraduate degrees in Rhode Island, the state's Council on Postsecondary Education ruled unanimously Wednesday. Read more...

31 mai 2015

Judge Throws Out a For-Profit Group’s Challenge to the Gainful-Employment Rule . A judge has thrown out a group of for-profit colleges’ challenge to the U.S. Department of Education’s gainful-employment rule, Reuters reports. The lawsuit was one of two filed last year in response to the department’s final rule, which seeks to judge career-oriented programs on their graduates’ ability to repay their student loans. More...

31 mai 2015

For-Profit College Settles Complaint Over Claims About Credits and Degrees . Ashworth College, a for-profit institution in Georgia, has agreed to a settle a complaint by the Federal Trade Commission that it misrepresented how well its degrees would prepare students to earn licenses in specific vocations, and the ease with which students could transfer Ashworth credits to other institutions. More...

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