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20 septembre 2015

Read What President Obama Thinks About Sensitivity and Free Speech on Campus . President Obama traveled to Iowa on Monday with his education secretary, Arne Duncan, to talk to high-school students about college access and affordability. During the question-and-answer session, a student asked the president about an unnamed Republican presidential contender’s proposal to defund “politically biased colleges.” More...

20 septembre 2015

Professor Is Shot to Death in His Office at Mississippi’s Delta State U. . A professor was shot to death in his office at Delta State University on Monday, The Clarion-Ledger reported, and another faculty member whom the police had pursued as a suspect for most of the day was said to have killed himself on Monday night. More...

20 septembre 2015

New Fafsa Changes Will Bring Unintended Consequences for Colleges

By Jon Boeckenstedt. The college-selection process has always seemed backward: Colleges encourage students to apply without regard to costs, and delay revealing the final net price (that is, expenses minus grant aid) until March of the senior year, or sometimes later. The process has resulted in confusion, broken hearts, and many college searches that end with unpleasant surprises. More...

20 septembre 2015

Time Is Right for Colleges to Shift From Assembly-Line Education

By Arthur Levine. Competency-based education, which focuses on the results of education — what students have learned — rather than the process of education — number of courses taken, credits earned, seat time served — is hot. Google it and you get hundreds of thousands of choices. More...

20 septembre 2015

‘How Much Will I Make After Graduating?’ College Scorecard Offers Only Clues

By Kelly Field. When President Obama announced the release of a new federal College Scorecard in his weekly address on Saturday, he said the website would give Americans "access to reliable data on every institution of higher education." More...

20 septembre 2015

Obama Takes Steps to Make Applying for Federal Student Aid Easier

By Kelly Field. The White House is taking new steps toward simplifying the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the much-maligned form that provides access to billions of dollars in federal grants and loans for postsecondary education. More...

20 septembre 2015

Rethinking community college to boost enrollment and completion

By . A year and a half ago, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam announced his plan to make community college free for all Tennessee high school graduates. Patterned after tnAchieves, an initiative Haslam launched while mayor of Knoxville, the new Tennessee Promise community college scholarship program has thus far exceeded expectations. More...

20 septembre 2015

Gap between education of aboriginal and non-aboriginal people in Canada widening

By Ellie Bothwell. Study finds proportion of non-aboriginal people in the country graduating from university is improving at a faster rate. More...

20 septembre 2015

Looking South: the NIH’s 2016 fiscal outlook

Résultat de recherche d'images pour By Jonathan Thon. It’s time again for what has become (much to my dismay) an annual article series that began in fiscal year 2012 on the uncertain health of National Institutes of Health’s fiscal outlook (see 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012). More...

19 septembre 2015

College Scorecard Problem Gets Worse: One in three associate’s degree institutions are not included

By . Late yesterday I posted about the Education Department (ED) new College Scorecard and how it omits a large number of community colleges based on an arbitrary metric. More...

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