Since 2000, the Licence professionnelle, or professional Licence, has enabled students who have completed 2 years of postsecondary education to earn a career-oriented bachelor’s-level degree after 1 year of intensive additional study. Programs are based on partnerships involving universities and other institutions of higher learning, businesses, and professional groups. The defining features of the degree are professional internships and the prominent instructional role of practicing professionals. Because they are widely recognized in the job market as one of the best ways for students to prepare for a career, professional Licence programs in France’s universities enroll more than 41,000 students.
Professional Licence programs are ideally suited for students who... a professional degree at the bachelor’s level (3 years of postsecondary study)
Professional Licence programs are open to students who have successfully completed 2 years of university study. Programs
require 1 year of study and carry 60 credits under the European Credit Transfer System.
...want to focus on a specific field
Instruction in professional Licence programs combines academic and professional perspectives, insights, and knowledge. What students learn in the classroom they quickly apply in their internships.
...wish to be supported in their efforts
Students in professional Licence programs participate in guided projects. A faculty tutor guides small groups (3–4 students) in their project work.
...are looking for immediate exposure to the business world
Every student completes an internship of 12–16 weeks inside a firm or organization. During the internship, students carry out a project with the support of a faculty tutor.
...want to jump-start their career
Professional Licence programs are designed for quick entry into professional life. Few students enter another academic program after earning their professional Licence. (An intervening period of professional employment is generally required). More...