the Magna Charta has been signed by some 600 rectors from all over the world and each year more university commit themselves to the principles laid out in the Magna Charta. The higher education scene has developed significantly since 1988 but the relevance of the Magna Charta has remained unchanged.
The 16th September 2010, the Magna Charta Observatory organises a conference to commemorate the 22nd anniversary and to discuss on Making the Magna Charta Values Operational. The idea is to offer an authoritative input to participants, who will then introduce their own experience, perspectives and suggestions in working groups. This will be followed by the main plenary where moderators of working groups will report, as panellists, to the whole audience. The participants will have the opportunity to react and intervene in this plenary-panel entitled The Magna Charta Principles and Values in the Daily Routines of a University. On 17 th September, the Magna Charta Observatory, together with the University of Bologna will arrange, as every year, the academic ceremony that should allow universities that have not yet signed the Magna Charta to do so.
This year the Magna Charta Observatory is working on a special that will precede the annual ceremony and conference outlined above.  The Magna Charta Observatory is collaborating with the University of Bologna and the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research to organize a one-day conference on stocktaking and evaluation of the application of the Bologna Process after the establishment of the European Higher Education Area. This special event is scheduled for the 15th September 2010. Download The Magna Charta Universitatum.