The largest event of its kind in Europe, the Annual EAIE Conference will take place from 15–18 September in Nantes, France. Join fellow international higher education professionals for hands-on workshops and cutting-edge sessions highlighting the latest trends in the field.
ESMU (European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities) is co-organising a series of three dissemination workshops in the context of its EU-funded project on Benchmarking in European Higher Education.
Based on the findings of the EBI-II project, the workshops provide concrete and hands-on advice on how to carry out benchmarking exercises in higher education institutions. With short introductory presentations, concrete examples and working group sessions, the EBI-II workshops focus on selecting appropriate indicators for data-gathering, setting targets for improvement and designing institutional action plans. They provide participants with practical tools to start benchmarking exercises, alerting them of critical success factors and pitfalls.
The workshops complement the EBI-II conference on Benchmarking in European Higher Education and will be held at the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest (27 August 2010), as a joint EAIR-ESMU workshop linked to the EAIR Forum in Valencia (1 September 2010) and as a joint EAIE-ESMU workshop in the context of the EAIE Annual Conference in Nantes (14 September 2010). The dissemination workshops focus on the EBI-II project's selected benchmarking themes, namely governance, university-enterprise cooperation and curriculum reform.