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9 mai 2016

Fifty shades of open

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Fifty shades of open
Jeffrey Pomerantz, Robin Peek, First Monday, 2016/05/05

This could have been much more appropriately titled, but the content of the piece is spot on. Specifically:

Open means rights
Open means access
Open means use
Open means transparent
Open means participatory
Open means enabling openness
Open means philosophically aligned with open principles. More...

5 mai 2016

Knowledge Unlatched continues to show the importance of partnership and diversity in open access book publishing

Résultat de recherche d'images pour " logo"By . Knowledge Unlatched, the initiative to make research monographs available in open access, has recently launched a second round. This presents us with a real chance to increase the opportunities for open access publishing in the humanities. More...

5 mai 2016

Open Science: Expert and High-Level Groups meet at EUA

The High-Level Group was created upon the recommendation of the Expert Group and was endorsed by the EUA Council in January 2016. This group aims to bring together high-level leaders engaged in negotiating “big deals” with publishers on behalf of universities, and to support their institutions in these processes. In this first meeting, the High-Level Group focused its discussions on EUA’s work in mapping the European Open Access landscape and explored the main elements relevant for universities involved in “big deal” negotiations. More...

5 mai 2016

Dutch Presidency issues Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science

On the occasion of the two-day conference “Open Science – From Vision to Action” organised by Dutch State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science Sander Dekker as part of the Netherlands EU Presidency, the “Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science” was released on 6 April 2016.
The action plan includes specific objectives to accelerate the transition to open science in Europe. More...

4 mai 2016

L’Open Education, au fait, qu’est-ce que ça veut dire maintenant? Educpros de Matthieu Cisel. L’Open Education, ou l’Open Ed, c’est tout un programme. Vous êtes probablement nombreux à être familiers avec ce terme, mais savez-vous ce qu’il recouvre, connaissez-vous ses origines ? Saviez-vous que le terme prend ses origines dans les premières expériences d’écoles libres britanniques, dont les libres enfants de Summerhill sont l’un des exemples les plus connus. Suite de l'article...

4 mai 2016

Open Learning for Smart Education

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Open Learning for Smart Education
Christian M. Stracke, Slideshare, 2016/04/22

102 slide presentation (!) looking at a number of projects dedicated to open learning. It, however, takes a quality focus, defining 'open education' as "innovations for changing and opening up education to improve the quality." More...

2 mai 2016

SOHA - Recherche-action pour une science ouverte en Haïti et en Afrique

Logo - Thot CursusPar Alexandre Roberge. La science permet de comprendre et d'améliorer notre monde. La recherche scientifique a mené à la création de nombreuses technologies. Or, il semble pour bien des gens que les scientifiques vivent dans des tours d'ivoire, déconnectés des enjeux qui préoccupent la population. Voir l'article...

1 mai 2016

Some academics remain skeptical of

Résultat de recherche d'images pour By Shawna Wagman. By any measure, the popularity of, the online platform that allows academics to upload and share their research papers, is impressive. More...

30 avril 2016

Tracking student emotions 'could improve online retention'

By Chris Havergal. Open University explores whether webcams can be used to monitor learners' facial expressions or eye movements. More...

28 avril 2016

Adaptive engineering course opens up engineering fundamentals to all

eCampus NewsFree online course aims to improve outcomes in engineering education. More...

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