01 octobre 2018

‘Trimming the fat’ – Implications for research

Libraries from all around the world are unbundling their subscriptions to the full suite of publishers’ journals in an effort to curb costs. This trend, known as ‘trimming the fat’, is extremely damaging to research and innovation, writes Manuel Martin for ZME Science. More...

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Reduce publishing in India and increase quality

By Pushkar. In a recent article, Philip G Altbach and Hans de Wit argue that “too much [is] being published” leading to a “crisis in academic publishing”. For them, the fault lies with “most academic institutions [which] want to resemble the universities at the top of the academic pecking order”. The only solution they see is “drastic cutbacks” in scholarly publishing. More...

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Must academic evaluation be so citation data driven?

By Steve Fuller. For the past quarter-century, I have reviewed cases for academic tenure and promotion in many disciplines in many countries. Usually what is required is an evaluation of the candidate’s research record. Teaching and, increasingly, public engagement are also mentioned as factors to weigh. Grant income often appears as a consideration, but not so as to give the impression that I am being asked to judge the candidate’s suitability to make partner in a law firm. More...

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29 septembre 2018

Who are the real pirates in academic publishing?

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianReaders respond to George Monbiot’s article on the global scientific publishing industry. More...

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Centre Inffo - Dossier documentaire - 5e édition, 20 septembre 2018

Ce dossier documentaire propose une synthèse des différentes étapes de la loi pour la liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel promulguée le 5 septembre 2018.
Pour chacune des deux réformes formation professionnelle et apprentissage sont proposées les ressources documentaires incontournables, parmi lesquelles l’intégralité des préconisations des auteurs des rapports portant sur ces thèmes. Une sélection d'articles issus des publications de Centre Inffo complète le dossier.

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27 septembre 2018

Download Audio Texts Put Byte on Bookstores, News

Download Audio Texts Put Byte on Bookstores, News
The latest in audio downloads: books. This article describes audible.com, an online store that has had success selling audio versions of books in MP3 format. More...

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Fragment: From Jupyter Notebooks to Online Interactive Textbooks

Fragment: From Jupyter Notebooks to Online Interactive Textbooks
Tony Hirst, OUseful Info, 2018/08/29
Yes, this is a fragment, and yes, the best bit is in the headline. It should get you thinking about how we can create workflows from examples of functioning software in Jupyter Notebooks to actual textbooks. Of course, the problem is, if it's in a textbook - or even a flat HTML file - then the code samples don't actually work any more, and you have to go to another environment to run them. More...

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Pourquoi j’écris pour The Conversation France (1)

The ConversationIls sont nombreux à nous avoir répondu. Certains de nos auteurs vous disent pourquoi ils écrivent, de plus en plus, pour notre média. Ils et elles partagent leur passion à offrir des analyses de qualité au quotidien. Vous aussi, placez-vous au cœur de notre aventure et devenez lecteurs-adhérents afin d’échanger avec nous et de suggérer vos idées. Plus...

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24 septembre 2018

The problem is the publishing system, not the scholars

By Philip G Altbach and Hans de Wit. We are arguing essentially that the publishing system is out of control and at this point in a deep crisis because of the amount of material seeking publication and being published. The volume has overwhelmed the publishing system and has introduced over-commercialisation and corruption. More...

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The alarming rise of predatory journals

By Marcelo S Perlin, Takeyoshi Imasato and Denis Borenstein. The maxim ‘publish or perish’ is more relevant than ever, now in evidence all over the world. As a consequence, academic publishing is booming, with demand to publish in scientific journals having increased exponentially in recent years. More...

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