01 novembre 2018

Publishers Escalate Legal Battle Against ResearchGate

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. American Chemical Society and Elsevier are again suing academic networking site ResearchGate in an attempt to stop it distributing copyrighted research papers. More...

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For-Profit College Attendance Linked to Poor Financial Outcomes

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. A paper released last month by researchers at Stanford University, Cornell University and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that students have worse job outcomes and increased risk of defaulting on student loans when they attend for-profit institutions. More...

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27 octobre 2018

Newsletter de l'Apecita n° 149 - octobre 2018

Logo EtoileAu sommaire :
Chercher un emploi dans une autre région ne s'improvise pas
Développer son charisme : 5 trucs à tester au travail
Recruter à l'international : les bonnes pratiques
Les nouveaux modèles de management
Agent de remplacement. Plus...

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Call for papers: Pedagogical concerns and market demands

University of Valencia, Research Group Transitions from education to work in contexts of social vulnerability, with the Institute for Vocational Education, University of Rostock organize the 3rd international VET Conference : "Crossing Boundaries in Vocational Education and Training: Pedagogical concerns and market demands" to be held at the University of Valencia on the 2-3 may 2019. Plus...

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Horizons Publics

Screenshot-2018-5-5 Actualités ModernisationUn agent public polyvalent voire augmenté, un car de services publics itinérants, un meilleur partage de données entre opérateurs sociaux, un centre de services RH pour les TPE et une plateforme d'offre de mobilité solidaire sont les cinq solutions imaginées par les équipes multidisciplinaires impliquées dans l'opération "Carte blanche" lancée en janvier 2018 dans le bassin de vie de Cahors (63 communes, 48 000 habitants). Objectif : réinventer les service publics dans les territoires en repartant des besoins du terrain, en associant les usagers et les partenaires locaux. Plus...

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26 octobre 2018

Academic Exchange Quarterly

Academic Exchange Quarterly
Academic Exchange Quarterly features fiction and the novel this month. But I'm linking because I love this page. Now if it were only in RSS format. Then I could get my articole links and never worry about remembering to go to this page again. More...

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The College Quarterly

The College Quarterly
I got a note from Valerie today advising me that the latest issue of the College Quarterly is online. I link to one article from the currenmt issue and one from last fall's (their first online edition). More...

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Journal of Computer Mediated Communication

Journal of Computer Mediated Communication
The JCMC has has a new look, a new editor, and has moved to a new address - http://jcmc.indiana.edu/. More...

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CETIS Quarterly Newsletter

CETIS Quarterly Newsletter
A new initiative from CETIS, this quarterly newsletter will be usefully read by busy people without time even to read OLDaily. But I suspect that the CETIS staff will have more difficulty writing the second issue than the first, as in the first the topics covered the broad range of e-learning (assessment, accessibility, content and metadata) and drew upon developments over the recent years, not months. More...

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Encouraging Interaction in Online Classes

Encouraging Interaction in Online Classes
The new issue of the International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning is out. I feature two articles, beginning with this survey article by issue editor Brent Muirhead. More...

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