15 novembre 2014

Online study a cheaper option

afr.comBy Joanna Mather. Students might be able to avoid large debts by choosing vastly discounted degrees from online and private ­providers under the government’s deregulation plans, an Australian Financial Review conference heard. More...

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12 novembre 2014

Collaboration strengthens programs and lowers costs

University Business LogoBy Richard E. Wylie. There have been continuous outcries in recent years for colleges and universities to lower their costs, yet in almost every area those costs continue to rise. More...

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11 novembre 2014

Obama Vows to Work With Republicans on College Costs

HomePresident Obama, after his party's losses in Tuesday's Congressional elections, said Wednesday that he would seek to find agreement with Republicans on some higher education issues.
Obama said several times during a news conference at the White House that college affordability and student loans are issues on which he was ready to work with Republicans to find common ground during the last two years of his administration. Read more...

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10 novembre 2014

Loans to trainee teachers unlikely to be recouped

By . IFS study says finding raises questions about student finance system for ITT...
This is according to research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, which found that the cost to the government of each trainee teacher can vary by more than £30,000, depending on their route into the profession. More...

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09 novembre 2014

Etudes supérieures : l’Europe aux cent coûts

LibérationPar Véronique Soulé. Sommet des inégalités dans l’UE, les frais de scolarité atteignent 11 000 euros par an en Angleterre.
Vous êtes étudiant et vous vous demandez dans quel pays européen il vaut mieux vivre ? Dans les pays nordiques, sans hésitation. Ils ne demandent aucun droit d’inscription à la fac. Vous rêvez de prendre votre envol et de partir de chez vos parents ? Là encore, rien ne vaut le Nord. La Finlande, la Suède et le Danemark accordent des bourses à tous leurs étudiants. En revanche, si vous habitez en Grèce ou au Monténégro, vous n’avez pas de chance : les bourses calculées à partir de critères sociaux, comme les revenus de l’étudiant ou de ses parents, n’existent tout simplement pas. Suite...

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Rising cost of degrees puts higher education at stake

By Lucy Hodges. Universities are failing to live up to the expectation that they will give a young person a job, a spouse and a certificate that explains who they are and what they know, the WISE conference in Qatar was told last Thursday. Read more...

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03 novembre 2014

A ‘free’ first degree can be costly

By Makki Marseilles. Greek universities are state-financed and run so students do not pay fees – at least at undergraduate level. However a first degree is anything but cheap, with 'other' costs ranging from as little as €1,000 (US$1,300) to €10,000 – and even €100,000 – a year depending on who you are, the socio-economic position of your parents, the institution attended, the length of studies and even your lifestyle. Read more...

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01 novembre 2014

How much does an Oxbridge undergraduate really cost?

The Guardian homeBy . Our most prestigious universities are lobbying to increase fees above £9,000, but are not transparent about their finances. More...

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26 octobre 2014

The cost of getting a higher education degree

As part of this special coverage on what it costs the world’s students to obtain a degree, the following articles are based on information drawn from various chapters in the OECD report, Education at a Glance 2014, released last month.
These edited extracts describe the fees and other charges that students – domestic and foreign – face in attending tertiary education institutions in the different member countries and, in some cases, those outside the OECD.
University World News is grateful to the OECD for providing copyright clearance to allow us to publish extracts from the report. Note that there is no charge for downloading the report and readers can locate more of the data online. The Excel spreadsheets used to create the tables and charts are also freely available via the Statlinks system provided throughout the report. Read more...

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16 octobre 2014

The Hidden Cost of Efficiency-Related Change

The EvoLLLutionBy  - EvoLLLution. The term efficiency, left unqualified, creates suspicion when applied in a higher education context. This is not suggesting faculty or administrators have no concern with efficiency. Rather, the question on the table is: do all efficiency initiatives and processes create positive outcomes for faculty and students, or just lower costs. More...

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