15 septembre 2019

It Isn’t the Cost of College That’s the Problem: It’s the Price

The roar over high college costs is based on a fundamental failure among consumers to understand the distinction between (a) the cost of educating a student, and (b) the tuition price a college charges to educate that same student. It’s true the cost of higher education has increased over time, just like everything else. And most of the institutions I know do a reasonably commendable job of managing college costs. More...

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Calif. Students Struggle With College Costs

HomeBy Madeline St. Amour. A majority of college students in California believe that college costs and balancing school with work inhibit their ability to succeed, according to initial survey findings released Thursday by the California Student Aid Commission. More...

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14 septembre 2019

The Real Divide Over Higher Ed? Cost

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Think tank survey finds majorities of Republicans view higher ed as valuable, but see individual students as benefiting from degrees. More...

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09 septembre 2019

$100 Laptop Reinvents Computer Security

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Unattributed[Edit][Delete]: $100 Laptop Reinvents Computer Security, ESchool News [Edit][Delete] October 9, 2006
It's not the '$100 Laptop" any more, but we'll let that slide (all that relentless publicity has a price). The security innovation touted in this story is that "the $100 laptops will force any application to run in 'a walled garden' and limit the files it can access." This sounds to me a lot like 'trusted computing'. More...

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08 septembre 2019

L'instauration de coûts différents pour une même formation en apprentissage se réglera-t-elle en justice ?

Alternatives EconomiquesSur le blog de Michel Abhervé pour Alternatives économiques. Comme nous l'avons écrit dans Une "ordonnance balai" qui ne règle qu'à la marge les difficultés créées par la réforme de l'apprentissage celle-ci ne règle en rien la question de la différence de traitement entre les nouveaux entrants et les acteurs traditionnels, sujet qui a suscité une forte protestation du monde de l'artisanat. Plus...

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04 septembre 2019

Research Communication Costs In Australia: Emerging Opportunities and Benefits

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. John Houghton, Colin Steele and Peter Sheehan[Edit][Delete]: Research Communication Costs In Australia: Emerging Opportunities and Benefits, DEST [Edit][Delete] October 1, 2006
Study on the costs of information access in Australia. In and among the references tgo billions of dollars one finds this: "a full system of institutional repositories in Australia costing AUD 10 million a year and achieving a 100% self-archiving compliance would show: A benefit/cost ratio of 51 for the modelled impacts of open access to public sector research (i.e. the benefits are 51 times greater than the costs); A benefit/cost ratio of 30 for the modelled impacts of open access to higher education research; and A benefit/cost ratio of 4.1 for the modelled impacts of open access to ARC competitive grants funded research." Who are the lobbyists who are stalling such an initiative. More...

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25 août 2019

University – you know the fees, but what about the costs?

The GuardianYou’ve got the grades and you’re heading for college. Now get ready to pay the bills. More...

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£6,000 a year for a room? If I were a student, I’d probably go on strike too

The GuardianRents paid by university students have been rising by about double the rate of inflation for years. More...

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Students struggle to support themselves as university rent costs rise

The GuardianSurvey suggests that students feel they lack support from their universities in managing their finances. More...

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24 août 2019

Why do college textbooks cost so much? 7 questions answered

The ConversationThe National Association of College Stores reports that students spent an average of US$415 each on required course materials during the 2018-2019 school year. The College Board says students should budget $1,240 annually for books and supplies. More...

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