Enhancing the global competitive position of European countries means recognising the importance of knowledge, education and lifelong learning.
In this context the European Commission regularly delivers 'Communications' and 'Recommendations' in order to speed up the common European education agenda.
Moreover, policy initiatives regarding education at the European level are increasingly endorsed by national governments. The same or even more applies to policy initiatives in other domains that can significantly affect the functioning of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) infrastructure, like internal market policies, integration/migration and social affairs. Taking these developments into account, participation in policy preparation at the European level is as important as participating in policy preparation at the national level. This ensures that policy initiatives take into account the practical effects at the level of schools and colleges.
The ambitions of political Europe regarding the European Vocational Education and Training Area (EVETA) cannot be achieved without creating proper conditions for VET and the active involvement of the providers of VET and Adult Education institutions. More...