17 février 2016

Apprentis, jeunes en formation professionnelle : partez avec Erasmus !

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Un nouveau dépliant pour toutes les clés d'une mobilité réussie !

http://www.generation-erasmus.fr/apprentis-jeunes-en-formation-professionnelle-partez-avec-erasmus/. Voir l'article...

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EPALE, la plate-forme des professionnels de l’éducation des adultes

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Découvrez la communauté multilingue Epale ! Epale est un espace collaboratif mis à disposition par la Commission européenne. Libre à vous de proposer un article, de flécher une ressource, de signaler un évènement ou d'interagir avec vos homologues européens. Voir l'article...

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La stratégie de la région Aquitaine en matière de mobilité européenne

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Antoine Mathieu est responsable du pôle FSE et mobilité au sein de la région Aquitaine. Il explicite la stratégie intégrée mise en place pour le développement de la mobilité et l'accompagnement des apprentis, des demandeurs d'emploi et des étudiants.
La mobilité internationale permet l'acquisition de compétences et donne des chances supplémentaires pour s'insérer dans le marché de l'emploi. Voir l'article...

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Russia’s quest for world-class education

By . Russia recently recognised the necessity of modernising its higher education system. As a result, a new educational project, known as the 5-100 initiative, was announced. The project’s goal is to have five Russian universities enter the top 100 of world university rankings by 2020, enhancing their global competitiveness. More...

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Research digest for practitioners: February 2016

By . The February 2016 special issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education focuses in on transnational higher education (TNE). Authors in this issue explore common definitions in TNE, questions around higher education boundaries, and the lived experiences of international branch campus managers. More...

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Growing into a Unicorn - Part 1

It’s not easy to spot a unicorn - especially the mythical one - and yet becoming ‘a unicorn’ seems to be a universally applicable goal. Stand out in the crowd and shine. Don’t we all want this? Sadly, there’s no universal recipe, but we can all work on understanding ourselves and selling our assets in the best possible way. This article is the first in a series on how to become a unicorn yourself - in the job market. More...

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Responsible Party Enters 6th Year

For the 6th year running, Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and Pernod Ricard have renewed their partnership on the Responsible Party project. Since 2010, the Group and the pan-European association ESN, supported by the European Commission and assisting exchange students in more than 37 European countries, have jointly organised Responsible Parties during which student 'ambassadors' explain to their peers why responsible consumption is important. More...

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Looking for a career? Volunteer!

There is a story behind every success, and there are many success stories which have been realised thanks to volunteering in ESN. Eero Loonurm from Tallinn, Estonia, is someone who started writing his own story within ESN. After finishing his Erasmus exchange in Granada, Spain, he started his journey in ESN as a local Board Member, then as local President, and after that as the National Representative (NR) of Estonia. More...

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Volunteering: Beyond Relevance, Gaining Competence

After his Erasmus exchange, Damien decided to join ESN in addition to his studies and work in architecture, but ESN completely changed his career. He has been involved in ESN for almost ten years, starting from a section member, to the section President of ESN Nancy. Later, he continued his journey as the National Treasurer of ESN France and lastly he became the Treasurer of ESN International. More...

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MappED! Project Launched in Brussels

From 14th to 15th January, Brussels was the centre of attention for a consortium of partners gathering to collectively launch MappED!, a project that works towards improveing educational mobility for students with disabilities. More...

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