13 juillet 2013

Ed2.0Work Network: Red europea para la integración de la Web 2.0 en educación y trabajo

http://www.elearningeuropa.info/sites/default/files/imagecache/content_detail_picture/Ed2.0Work%20Colour_0.pngEd2.0Work es un proyecto educativo financiado por la Unión Europea con dos misiones:
* Crear una red que abarca la educación y el ámbito laboral diseñada para mejorar el uso de las herramientas Web2.0 en ambos campos.
* Crear un conjunto de herramientas para la evaluación empírica de dichas herramientas Web2.0
El proyecto creará una red entre miembros de los ámbitos educativo y laboral que examinarán cómo deberían utilizarse estas herramientas en ambos campos.

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Ed2.0Work Network - Europäisches Netzwerk zur Integration von Web2.0 in Ausbildung und Arbeit

http://www.elearningeuropa.info/sites/default/files/imagecache/content_detail_picture/Ed2.0Work%20Colour_0.pngEd2.0Work ist ein EU-finanziertes Bildungs-Projekt, das zwei Ziel verfolgt:
*  Ein die Bildung und die Welt der Arbeit überspannendes Netzwerk auf zu bauen, um den Einsatz von Web2.0-Tools in beiden Bereichen zu verbessern.
* Das Entwickeln von Werkzeugen zur empirischen Auswertung von Web2.0-Tools.
Das Projekt errichtet ein Netzwerk zwischen den Akteuren in der Bildung und der Welt der Arbeit welches untersucht, wie Web2.0-Tools in der Bildung und der Arbeitswelten eingesetzt werden können.
Web2.0 und Enterprise 2.0 bieten Pädagogen und Arbeitgebern Chancen und birgt ein enormes Potenzial für autonome Kreativität, Forschung, Kommunikation und den Austausch aller Beteiligten ist einzigartiger und einmaliger Form. Web2.0 bietet die schnellsten Kanäle zur Erschließung menschlicher Potentiale auf allen Ebenen und der Steigerung der Produktivität und des Wachstums in Ausbildung und Arbeit.

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EMOOCs - Second MOOC European Stakeholders Summit to be held in February 2014

http://www.elearningeuropa.info/sites/default/files/elearning_theme_logo.jpgEMOOCs 2014, the Second MOOC European Stakeholders Summit, will be held on February 10-12, 2014 in Lausanne (Switzerland).
Organised by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and P.A.U. Education the event aims to be an opportunity to gather European actors involved in the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) phenomenon, from policy makers to practitioners and researchers.
The goal of the summit is to develop synergies among European universities around themes such as student's assessments, MOOC accreditation, platform interoperability or joint research initiatives. Website: EMOOCS 2014.

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Web2LLP’s online Italian social media course

http://www.elearningeuropa.info/sites/default/files/elearning_theme_logo.jpgResources from Web2LLP’s online Italian social media course for LLP project managers now online
The Web2LLP project organised a social media course for LLP project managers attracted 35 people who attended one or more sessions. This course, delivered in Italian, consisted of online preparation tasks and 5 webinars that were conducted from 4 June to 2 July 2013. An English and French course will take place in September-October 2013. Web2LLP organised this webinar series so that managers of lifelong projects could find out how to set up a web strategy and communication plan, discover different social media tools and how to manage them and analyse their impact. Other topics included sharing online content (through curation), and the final session consisted of a round-table with 3 experienced managers who described how they used social media and how they solved common issues when implementing social media to disseminate their work in LLP projects. You can view the recordings and presentations of this course here. If you would like to participate in the English course (4 September – 2 October) or the French course (6 September – 4 October), you can register for one or more sessions for the English course and for the French course here. You will receive an automatic e-mail with the webinar link(s).

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Universities exchange experiences on developing and strengthening quality cultures

LogoDuring spring 2013, EUA organised three training workshops for quality managers at European higher education institutions. Staff members from more than 60 EUA member institutions from 25 European countries came together in small groups to exchange experiences on how to develop and strengthen quality cultures at their institutions. Participants included vice-rectors responsible for quality assurance, members of quality assurance units, academic and administrative staff and students.
The training workshops were organised in response to EUA’s recent work which has shown that those in charge of managing quality at universities feel the need for further capacity building in how to incentivise all stakeholders to take on the responsibility for quality. The workshops sought to address this need by presenting findings from EUA’s studies on quality culture in Europe, giving an insight into current European-level trends in quality assurance, presenting case studies from the host countries, providing a forum for an open exchange of experiences and building connections among colleagues from different countries. In the training workshops, participants tackled topics such as: how to build effective communication structures for making students an active partner in quality culture? How to engage staff in the shared goal of enhancing quality? How to use the results of QA processes efficiently and effectively? How to implement student surveys? How to devise alternative approaches to evaluation? The presentations from plenary sessions and summaries of working group discussions from all three workshops are now available on the EUA website. Read more...

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The next long-term EU Programmes (2014-2020) for research and innovation (Horizon 2020) and education (Erasmus+)

LogoEUA’s first reaction to announcements regarding the next long-term EU Programmes (2014-2020) for research and innovation (Horizon 2020) and education (Erasmus+)
EUA welcomes this week’s announcements in relation to the political agreements for the next long-term EU programmes for research (Horizon 2020) and education (now called Erasmus+). These are crucial for European universities as they represent important developments in the negotiations enabling both programmes to begin as planned in 2014.
On Tuesday (25 June) an “informal deal” on a package of laws to establish the EU's next research and innovation programme, "Horizon 2020" (2014-2020), was reached by negotiators for the European Parliament and the Irish Presidency of the Council. On June 26, the Irish Presidency then announced that it had brokered an agreement on the new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport (to be called Erasmus+ rather than Erasmus for All).
Focusing more particularly on the Horizon 2020 announcement, EUA takes note that the proposed rules for participation included in the package do not appear to include an option for reimbursement of research costs based on full costing methodologies (in addition to the flat rate model proposed). EUA has long emphasised the importance of full costing for the overall financial sustainability of universities and will, of course, continue to do so in future. Read more...

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Magna Charta Observatory Annual Conference

LogoMagna Charta Observatory Annual Conference, ‘Universities, Students and Societies - Connecting Academic Freedom and Creative Cities’, Bologna, Italy (19-20 September 2013)
From 19 to 20 September 2013, the Magna Charta Observatory will hold its Annual Conference in Bologna, Italy, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Magna Charta Universitatum. The theme of the conference is “Universities, Students and Societies - Connecting Academic Freedom and Creative Cities”...
To find out more or to register by 1 September 2013, please visit the conference website.
The Magna Charta Observatory of Fundamental University Values and Rights is a non-profit organisation based in Bologna, founded by the University of Bologna and EUA. The Magna Charta Observatory aims to gather information, express opinions and prepare documents relating to the respect for, and protection of, the fundamental university values and rights laid down in the Magna Charta Universitatum signed in Bologna in 1988 by 388 Rectors of worldwide main universities.
See also ont the blog Is the Magna Charta Universitatum still relevant?, The Magna Charta Universitatum, XXII ANNIVERSARY OF THE MAGNA CHARTA UNIVERSITATUM.

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Moodle Research Conference 2013

LogoMoodle Research Conference 2013, Sousse, Tunisia (4-5 October 2013)
The Moodle Research Conference 2013 (MRC 2013) will take place in Sousse, Tunisia, from 4 to 5 October 2013.
The MRC is an annual event dedicated to research and development (R&D) in learning and teaching carried out with Moodle (open-source software). The event is an opportunity for academics, researchers, experts and practitioners who use Moodle and perform research and development to share experiences and exchange research achievements.
To find out more about the Moodle Research Conference 2013, please visit this website.
The Research Conference follows the Mediterranean Moodle Moot Conference, which takes place from 2 to 3 October.

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Cedefop publishes statistics on VET and lifelong learning policies

http://www.eaea.org/kuvat/EAEA-logo-2010.gifWhat do statistical data say about your country's vocational education and training (VET) and lifelong learning policies? How does your country compare with the European Union average and other Member States?
European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training - Cedefop
- has published statistical overviews that provide a snapshot of VET and lifelong learning in European countries. Supplemented by a short commentary highlighting key points, the overviews comprise 31 selected indicators based on international statistics enabling comparisons between countries and EU statistical averages.
Overviews are available for each of the 28 EU Member States, including Croatia and, where data are available, for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

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Blackboard Goes MOOC

HomeBy Ry Rivard. After a year watching the hype over massive open online courses and keeping its distance, Blackboard said Wednesday it would join in. The company, which is by far the largest provider of classroom management software to American colleges, said it would provide free MOOC hosting for its existing customers, which already use Blackboard for their for-credit courses. Read more...

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