Internationalising Higher EducationThe shape of things to come 2: The evolution of transnational education
Going Global 2013 sees the launch of new research from the British Council entitled ‘The shape of things to come 2: The evolution of transnational education’ – a piece of work which maps the evolution of transnational education (TNE) globally, with a particular focus on the impact on host countries, and how its provision has supported national education agendas over time.
The research provides answers to the following questions:
  • How has TNE evolved globally?
  • What has been the impact of TNE on the host countries?
  • What are the fundamental drivers for aspiring education hub countries?
  • Which models of TNE are best fitted to particular environments?

Through conducting this research, the British Council have created:

  • An Opportunities Matrix: Detailed regulatory and market environment analysis of 25 countries
  • Case Studies – detailing the evolution of TNE in 3 major host countries

Download the research highlights.
An expert panel launched the research and opened a discussion on the implications at the Going Global conference: 8.2 The shape of things to come: the evolution of transnational education.