The report of EUCIS-LLL’s Annual Conference has been published
The general report of EUCIS-LLL’s Annual Conference has been published and you can now also find it online. The conference’s main theme was “Social Innovation for Active Inclusion; LifeLong Learning Contribution for a Better Tomorrow” and gathered more than 100 participants from all over Europe that came to listen to our high level speakers and exchange knowledge and good practices.
You can now find the report of the Annual Conference here.

Education and training systems in Europe are now at the forefront as one of the main drivers of growth in times of crisis. More and more is expected of them: equip the future workforce with the right skills but also become open and flexible so that no one is left behind. Active inclusion is one of the main objectives of the EU2020 Strategy and education and training systems need to adapt to the paradigm shift towards a life-long and lifewide approach to learning to become more inclusive and tackle the challenges of the next decade. The recent focus on learning outcomes cannot be concretised without social innovation: new ideas and practices shall emerge so that access and participation, core values of EUCIS-LLL, become central in the modernisation process of European systems for better social cohesion, active citizenship and economic competitiveness. As EUCIS-LLL believes that civil society is the main agent of change, this conference has been organised to enable and highlight an exchange of good practices and a stimulating multi-stakeholder gathering.
More than 100 actors from the different sectors of education and training from all around Europe reflected upon innovative ways to combat educational disadvantages and fight youth unemployment. The conference also provided a specific insight into the opportunities for intergenerational learning, in the context of the current European Year 2012 on Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.