by subject illustrate that many universities not visible in major academic rankings, perform remarkably well in a limited academic fields and study areas.
There is hardly an institution which can claim to perform equally well in all fields and study programs and get confirmation of this by external quality assessment such, academic rankings. At the same time a diverse institutional landscape of higher education reveals that a number of universities have a remarkable performance in a limited academic fields and study areas. Therefore, some national, global, and specialized rankings, in addition to the whole-institution assessment, prepare and publish rankings covering specific academic disciplines or study programmes.
The IREG Forum 2015, to be hosted by the Aalborg University, will take a closer look at this issue by mapping and analysing subject and discipline rankings constructed by major providers of academic rankings. The following three major groups of academic disciplines will be given special attention: - engineering, medicine and humanities and social sciences. Similarities and differences between various academic disciplines, study programs as well as global and national rankings will be discussed.
Similarly to the previous IREG conferences, the “Aalborg Forum” will provide excellent opportunity to learn about the new initiatives in academic rankings and related developments in universities and other organizations.
An important part of the program will be a presentation of the IREG Guidelines for Stakeholders of Academic Rankings. More...

IREG - 7 - London