, August 29, 2012
2-3:30 p.m. Eastern Time

What happens when the number of jobs requiring a college education exceeds the number of qualified candidates to fill those jobs?
A growing workforce gap threatens our country’s economic future and is a concern for both U.S. companies and individuals seeking jobs or career growth. How can higher education help to ensure America’s global economic competitiveness?
In order to narrow the skills gap and better align higher education curriculum and programs with industry needs, these basic questions need to be answered:

  • What are the workforce skills gaps in the U.S.?
  • How can we address them?
  • Should this be a concern throughout the P20 spectrum and where should it be addressed?
  • What is at stake if we don’t address these challenges?
This 90-minute video Webcast provides insight for industry, labor, and higher education leaders and explores these questions and provides policy and programmatic recommendations for developing a strong American workforce and ensuring our country’s global economic competitiveness.
You will learn about trends and how academic institutions are educating working learners to meet workforce needs and address this growing gap.
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