25th ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE 2012. The role of open and flexible education in national higher education systems: comparisons and ways forward for widening participation and LLL.
The Open University of Cyprus, having EU Presidency for the second half of 2012, will be hosting EADTU's Annual Conference in Paphos, on 27-28 th September 2012.
About OUC

As of the academic year 2011-2012, the Open University of Cyprus (OUC), the country’s second state university, has an enrolment of over 2500 students and has already developed ten, dynamic Study Courses. Aiming to become an attractive, regional, educational institution, the Open University of Cyprus actively participates in university networks and international organisations.  This initiative encourages the exchange of views on higher education and research at the European and international level. By participating in these networks, OUC promotes policy positions relating to lifelong learning and the development of distance education and establishes partnerships for the exchange of academic staff, administrative personnel and students with other universities, members of the networks.

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