Annual Conference 2010 "Strategies and business models for lifelong learning" Networking Conference, 27-29 September 2010, Zermatt, Switzerland. Programme.
The scope of the conference is ‘the development of institutional strategies and business models for lifelong open and flexible learning, including (international) cooperation between institutions’.

The main themes are:
  • Lifelong Learning
    • Policy: Setting the research and innovation agenda for open and flexible teaching and learning inhigher education and for lifelong learning.
    • Best practice: Showcases of successful lifelong learning strategies and business models.
  • Open Educational Resources
    Cooperation, development and implementation models in higher education.
  • Quality Assurance
    Including quality assurance in higher education and benchmarking the quality of open and flexible learning.
  • Virtual Mobility and Virtual Erasmus
    Raising the numbers and quality of mobility of staff and students by the integration of Virtual Erasmus.
  • Academic Cooperation
    Including academic cooperation for international master spaces and joint doctorates and networked teaching and learning at the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Employability & Entrepreneurship
    Education and training for employment and entrepreneurship through open and flexible provisions, combining informal and formal learning for innovation.