purpose of AG 2010 is to bring together scholars, educators and practitioners with the objective of exploring, reflecting and sharing ideas with regards to the impact that the Globalization Phenomena is having or might have on universities (research, teaching and continuing education), and vice versa: the impact that academia is generating, or could generate on the phenomenon of globalization. Questions such as the following are examples of those that could be addressed at the Symposium in order to generate possible answers and/or reflections, as well as possible research:
    * Will Academic Globalization emerge as part of the Globalization Phenomenon?
    * Will Academic Globalization serve as a catalyst for General Globalization Phenomena? Will it be the inverse way? Will it be both ways catalyzing each other in a positive feedback loop?
    * Are Academic Internationalization and/or Transnational Education parts of the forces driving and accelerating Academic Globalization? Are they in opposite and dialectical relationships with each other?
    * How strongly related are Academic Globalization and the Knowledge Society?
    * What kind relationships exist among Academic Globalization, Information and Communications Technology and the Knowledge Economy?
    * How is the Globalization Phenomenon transforming academic objectives and activities?
Questions like these require multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary and multi-epistemological perspectives, so they can serve as input for integrative research, studies and approaches for a better understanding of what is or what might be the opportunities and threats/uncertainties, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of present trends in Academic Globalization and how this trend might be re-oriented for better and more desirable results.