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1 avril 2019

A Campus Is Not the Place for Free Speech

HomeIn the wake of President Trump's executive order, David R. Harris explains why he opposes free speech at colleges and universities. More...

1 avril 2019

Ethical College Admissions: Selective Admission and March Madness

HomeJim Jump considers the similarities and differences between getting into a top college and winning the NCAA tournament. More...

1 avril 2019

To Reform Admissions, End Obsession With Prestige

HomeThe past week has been pretty awful for college admissions professionals across the country. The so-called admissions scandal -- which by the way hasn’t implicated any admissions professionals -- has unleashed a barrage of criticism of the college admissions process. More...

1 avril 2019

The Revolution Is Upon Us

HomeThe truly momentous part of President Trump's executive order is its embrace of earnings data to judge every academic program, Anthony P. Carnevale writes. More...

1 avril 2019

Beyond Scandal to Opportunity

HomeWe must put an end to the admissions madness that leaves students exhausted, parents frustrated and poorer families feeling they can’t compete, argues David Coleman. More...

1 avril 2019

Building Online Courses Communally

HomeThe master model of course development devalues all but the lead instructor and reduces students to numbers, Penelope Adams Moon argues. We can do better by building online courses together. More...

1 avril 2019

Whose Freedom of Speech?

HomePresident Trump's executive order is all about protecting only certain kinds of speakers, argues Patricia McGuire -- those toward the right side of the political spectrum. More...

1 avril 2019

A Force for Good in the World?

HomeWhile they can still be proving grounds for national leaders, engines of regional development and refuges for humanitarian aid, many independent American universities abroad are barely getting by, Kyle A. Long writes. More...

1 avril 2019

Authentic Problems

HomeScott McLemee reviews Maria Francesca Piazzoni's The Real Fake: Authenticity and the Production of Space. More...

1 avril 2019

Tony Soprano, the Electoral College and Varsity Blues

HomeThe admissions scandal has Nicholas Soodik thinking about Meadow's college tour and the popular vote, among other things.
Well, this past month has made the people inside the world of college admissions look like the mafiosi. Wealthy families, college coaches, standardized-test proctors and an independent college counselor-cum-criminal mastermind used bribery, cheating and fraud to facilitate the admission of scores of students at elite universities. We’ve all heard the news. You have an opinion on it, and on every dinner date since the story broke, you’ve discussed the sordid details of Operation Varsity Blues. More...

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