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1 avril 2019

AI is the transformative technology of tomorrow, but leaders need to get it up and running today

Techno-News BlogIf artificial intelligence isn’t at the top of your priority list, it should be. Deloitte’s “Tech Trends 2019: Beyond the digital frontier” report shows AI topping the list of tech trends that CIOs are eager to invest in. More...

1 avril 2019

Redefining Norms Critical to Sustained Relevance in the Changing Postsecondary Environment

Techno-News BlogSticking to the status quo will end in disaster for most postsecondary institutions. To stay relevant, institutions have to rethink all aspects of the higher Fast-changing labor demands, evolving learner expectations and transformed market realities are forcing college and university leaders to rethink the traditional postsecondary model and find ways to serve the growing numbers of lifelong learners. More...

1 avril 2019

3 Ways AI Augments the Likelihood of Social Mobility

Techno-News BlogEducation and economic success have long been entwined. Those who improve their ability to think and reason also increase the likelihood of improving their economic situation. More...

1 avril 2019

How much can you earn as an online tutor

Techno-News BlogIf you’re someone that is looking to spread knowledge and earn from it, there are countless of benefits for you as well. The internet offers us an insane amount of choices for just about anything. Be it products, dates, technology and what not. More...

1 avril 2019

Much Ado About MOOCs: Where Are We in the Evolution of Online Courses?

Techno-News BlogLast year, the number of learners who had taken at least one MOOC crossed 100 million, but the number of learners added was just 20 million, which was less than 23 million for the last two years. More...

1 avril 2019

Report: The Credentials People Get Are Not Always the Ones Companies Want

Techno-News BlogAlmost 30 percent of industry-recognized credentials American students recently earned relate to careers in architecture and construction. Yet just 8 percent of them are in demand by employers. More...

1 avril 2019

“Massive Online Courses Are Alive”, Says Pioneer of OMSCS Afordable Degree

Techno-News Blog“MOOCs haven’t died. They are alive,” said Zvi Galil, Dean of the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the pioneer of the Online Master of Science in Computer Science (OMSCS), during an interview at the IBL Studios in New York. In today’s job market, continuing education is a lifelong effort. More...

1 avril 2019

What is regular and substantive interaction? The term that has defined online learning still lacks clear definition

Techno-News BlogThere’s an issue with online higher education that has yet to be resolved. For learners to apply for federal student loans, and for institutions to receive these Title IV funds, online or distance programs must demonstrate “regular and substantive interaction” (RSI) between students and instructors. More...

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