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1 avril 2019

Ethical College Admissions: The Legacy of Alan Krueger

HomeThe most valuable lessons I learned in college happened outside the classroom. That may be true for most of us, or it may be a sign that I failed to take advantage of the academic opportunities college presented. More...

1 avril 2019

Perilous Times

HomeClayton M. Christensen and Michael B. Horn write about why they stand behind their analysis that many private colleges are in trouble. More...

1 avril 2019

Why AI needs more women

Techno-News BlogHow can we make data more human, if as a human race we cannot even agree on what it is to be human? How do we ensure algorithms work fairly when we cannot agree on what fairness looks like? Role models are vitally important in showing girls and women that they too can work in data science and that this career choice is an option for them. More...

1 avril 2019

Online education tools: What’s going on in your classrooms?

Techno-News BlogEdtech applications are increasingly being used in classrooms to enhance teaching and learning – however, do schools know what’s being used? What are the benefits, and are they GDPR-compliant. More...

1 avril 2019

Upgrade your skills constantly to keep your job secure

Techno-News BlogFor structured, non-formal learning in your own time, go for online education. You can find relevant free or paid courses through MOOC/MOOV (Massive Open Online Courses/Varsity), such as Udemy, Coursera, Codecademy, Udacity, among others. More...

1 avril 2019

Who will lead in the age of artificial intelligence?

Techno-News BlogAt the research level, the United States remains highly invested in AI and other disruptive technologies. The National Science Foundation currently invests over $100 million each year in AI research. DARPA recently announced a $2 billion investment in an initiative called AI Next whose goal is advancing contextual and adaptive reasoning. More...

1 avril 2019

7 myths about online learning in higher ed

Techno-News BlogWhile online learning has been around for many years, it really took a new twist when Coastline Community College launched the first “virtual college” with no physical campus. More...

1 avril 2019

Do Alumni of Online Programs Give More Than Alumni of On-campus Programs?

Techno-News BlogThis multi-institutional study examined the giving patterns of alumni of online degree programs as compared to alumni of campus-based degree programs. More...

1 avril 2019

UMUC 2.0

Techno-News BlogThe University of Maryland University College is going national. Since its founding in 1947, UMUC mostly has enrolled members of the U.S. military and working adults in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. More...

1 avril 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Frontier Technologies for Open Educational

Techno-News BlogThe Artificial Intelligence and Frontier Technologies for Open Educational Resources (OER) workshop was part of the ‘Learning and Skills sessions’ held during UNESCO’s Mobile Learning 2019 (5 March 2019, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris), which focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The workshop presented the latest developments on how AI and frontier technologies can be used to share, use and develop OER, within the framework of the Ljubljana OER Action Plan and the current Draft UNESCO OER Recommendation. More...

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