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23 janvier 2016

From Goals to Action Plans

By Mary Churchill. What does the beginning of your new year look like? Is it a period of recollection and reflection or is it a burst of energy? Perhaps something between the two or a little of both. More...

23 janvier 2016

A Sense of Duty: Campus Safety and Veteran Students

By Yves Salomon-Fernandez. Over the last three to five years, we have seen a rapid rise in violence on college campuses. The number of violent attacks and fatalities at colleges and universities during this time period is unprecedented, based on data from the National Incident-Based Reporting System which collects information from higher education institutions responding to the Clery Act campus crime reporting mandate. More...

23 janvier 2016


By Lee Skallerup BessetteI’m standing in the middle of the chaos that is moving, among my stuff, in and out of boxes, and I am overwhelmed. This is not an unfamiliar or unsurprising feeling for anyone who has ever moved. But this particular move feels different. This is a lot of letting go. And this is a lot of reconnecting. More...

23 janvier 2016

Mobile Consumption vs. Laptop Production Joshua Kim. What do you think of the idea that our digital world is bifurcating? 
On the one side is mobile, and on the other is a laptop. IOS vs OSX. Android vs. Chrome OS. Windows vs. Windows. Read more...
23 janvier 2016

Our CC Struggle Joshua Kim. The e-mail CC is the defining struggle of our cognitive age.
Even the name of an e-mail CC is weird. CC - carbon copy.  When was the last real live carbon copy created? And who came up with the blind carbon copy - BCC - a truly bad idea in the annals of digitally mediated communications if there ever was one. Read more...
23 janvier 2016

College Towns and ‘The Geography of Genius’ Joshua Kim. The only flaw in Eric Weiner’s terrific new book The Geography of Genius is that my small college town did not make it on to the author’s list of places to visit. Read more...
23 janvier 2016

Hedgehogs, Foxes, and ‘Superforecasting’ Joshua Kim. Many of us know Tetlock for his work on expert political judgement - research that concluded that most commentators, pundits and prognosticators (and bloggers) are no more accurate than a dart-throwing chimpanzee. Read more...
23 janvier 2016

The 8 Apps That I Use Most On My iPhone 6s Plus Joshua Kim. What apps do you use most on your phone?
Do higher ed people have different app behavior than civilians?  
How does app usage vary by social group?
I think that we are going to have a new social science of information. Read more...
23 janvier 2016

How Can I Interest You In EDUCAUSE’s Top 10 IT Issues? Joshua Kim. How can I persuade you to check the EDUCAUSE's 2016 Top IT Issues?
The reason that I’m hoping that you’ll check out the EDUCAUSE Top IT Issues materials is that I’m wondering what you think. Read more...

23 janvier 2016

3 Reasons Why EdTech Should Stand With Adjuncts Joshua Kim. As John Warner writes in The Adjunct Solution, the issue at hand is actually quite simple. Contingent faculty should be paid a fair wage for their labor.
What would it mean for the edtech profession to support the adjunct cause for a living wage? I’m not really sure (we should discuss), but I can think of a few ideas. Read more...

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