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17 mai 2015

Interest Rates on Federal Student Loans Will Drop

HomeMillions of students and families will now pay less to borrow money from the federal government to finance college in the coming academic year.
Interest rates on federal student loans are set to drop by more than one-third of a percentage point following the U.S. Treasury’s sale on Wednesday of 10-year notes. Rates are reset each year based on the yield of the note set by that auction. Read more...

17 mai 2015

Consumer Bureau Seeks Input on Loan Servicing Problems

HomeThe Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Thursday that it has launched a “public inquiry” into the practices of companies that collect and manage student loan payments. Read more...

17 mai 2015

Chinese Students and American Professors' Productivity

HomeA new paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research explores the impact that Chinese graduate students had on the productivity of American professors when a change in China's policies in 1978 led to a sudden surge in the number of Chinese graduate students in the United States. The paper (abstract available here) uses databases that track the research output of American mathematics professors and that identify the graduate students working with individual American professors. Read more...

17 mai 2015

Colorado's New Policy on Prior Learning

HomeColorado will standardize how its public colleges grant credit for prior learning, The Denver Post reports. The Colorado Higher Education Commission will create a comprehensive, statewide prior-learning assessment policy, which it said will provide more consistency and transparency. However, the state's colleges will have a chance to weigh in on the standards before they are finalized, the commission said. Read more...

17 mai 2015

$30M for Scholarships for Undocumented Students

HomeTwo gifts of $15 million each were announced last week to TheDream.US Foundation, which supports financial aid for students who lack the legal documentation to live permanently in the United States, The New York Daily News reported. Read more...

17 mai 2015

Northern Colorado Resumes Mexican-American Studies

HomeThe University of Northern Colorado announced Friday that it is resuming admissions into its Mexican-American studies program and a related program to train high school teachers to provide instruction in the field. Read more...

17 mai 2015

How Voluntary Are Nonprofits' Payments to Localities?

HomeMany private colleges and universities make voluntary payments to localities to reflect their use of local services without paying property taxes. A study released Monday morning by the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that there are clear patterns in the levels at which colleges and other nonprofits pay. Read more...

17 mai 2015

Obama, Tom Hanks Push Free Community College

HomePresident Obama on Friday showered attention on community colleges and his plan for free community college. As graduation speaker at Lake Area Technical Institute, in South Dakota, he said he picked the institution to highlight its success in graduation rates and job placement rates, and related those statistics to the care of the faculty, quoting students about the support and guidance they receive. Read more...

17 mai 2015

Higher Ed and Rubio's Ties to Billionaire Backer

HomeAn article in The New York Times explores the way Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican running for president, has supported and been supported by Norman Braman, a billionaire auto dealer and a major donor. Some of those intersections have involved universities. Read more...

17 mai 2015

Recommended Hashtag: #AcademicNovel

HomeAmong the entries at #AcademicNovel: "I'm Still Grading at Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil," "The Brothers Karamazofficehours," "Bonfire of the Humanities" and "No Country For Old Men; or, The Committee Prefers a Younger Candidate." Some entries just add a subtitle to an existing title, as in "Invisible Man: The Story of an Adjunct." Read more...

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