27 octobre 2013

Les universités américaines misent sur les start-up étudiantes


http://referentiel.nouvelobs.com/wsfile/9141323278556.jpgL’année dernière, ces facultés ont aidé à lancer 705 start-up et ont perçu en contrepartie 2,6 milliards de dollars de revenus de licences, selon des données de l'Association des dirigeants technologiques universitaires.
Juste avant d'être diplômé de l'Université du Michigan en 2012, Calvin Schemanski a démarré une startup : avec deux autres étudiants, il a obtenu un bureau gratuit sur le campus et 7.500 dollars de financements. Son application de recommandation de restaurants MyFab5 prépare aujourd'hui son lancement national.
Ce projet est l'un des milliers à travers les Etats-Unis à recevoir le soutien d'incubateurs créés par des universités, avec l'espoir de dénicher l'inventeur du prochain Google ou Facebook. Suite...

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21 octobre 2013

Americans' Views of Online Courses

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/all/themes/ihecustom/logo.jpgBy Doug Lederman. A majority of Americans believe online instruction is at least as good as classroom-based courses in terms of providing good value, a format most students can succeed in, and instruction tailored to each individual. But they question the rigor of testing and grading, and whether employers will view such degrees positively, a new survey by Gallup shows. Read more...

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08 octobre 2013

U.S. Adults Fare Poorly in a Study of Skills

http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/misc/nytlogo152x23.gifBy . American adults lag well behind their counterparts in most other developed countries in the mathematical and technical skills needed for a modern workplace, according to a study released Tuesday. The study, perhaps the most detailed of its kind, shows that the well-documented pattern of several other countries surging past the United States in students’ test scores and young people’s college graduation rates corresponds to a skills gap, extending far beyond school. Read more...

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07 octobre 2013

City nonprofit struggles with drought of federal funds

http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ37f1VpxqOGeBOFkoBvzL_ve8pa-jQbAEiiRaUiurrhzkxb7ISF-TLueMBy Jeff Gammage. On the third day of the federal government shutdown, the people who run an important regional science-education center began to get worried.
About paying their rent. Making payroll. About their ability to pay the hotel bills of the expert they dispatched to Egypt to help that troubled land revise its entire education system.
The 21st Century Partnership for STEM Education, a nonprofit research agency whose work influences schools across the Philadelphia region, gets 92 percent of its funding from the federal government. And that money has stopped flowing. More...

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17 septembre 2013

Constitution Day and Higher Ed

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/all/themes/ihecustom/logo.jpgBy Christopher B. Nelson. Being a college president and student of history, my thoughts turn to the history of higher education in America whenever we are about to mark an occasion like Constitution Day, which occurs every year on September 17.
The American Revolution inspired a flurry of college-building in the 1780s and 1790s. My own college was formally chartered by the state of Maryland in 1784. This charter was a name-change for an already existing institution: King William's School, a free school founded under British colonial rule in 1696. St. John's College is thus the third-oldest institution of higher learning in the nation. Read more...

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15 septembre 2013

Dropping enrollment squeezes U.S. universities' revenues-Moody's

http://www.reuters.com/resources_v2/images/masthead-logo.gifLast week the U.S. Census reported college enrollment declined for the first time in six years in the fall of 2012. That, in turn, threatens higher education revenue, said Moody'sInvestors Service in a special report on Monday. Already, "precipitous enrollment declines for fall 2013" have hurt the credit quality of two private colleges - Loyola University in Louisiana and Central College in Iowa - and a public one, St. Mary's College in Maryland.
"Enrollment declines in higher education are credit negative because they heighten competitive pressure for all universities. This limits opportunity to grow tuition revenue, now the primary revenue for the majority of public and private universities," said Moody's. Read more...

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11 septembre 2013

QS University Rankings: Latin America

http://www.topuniversities.com/sites/qs.topuni/files/WUR-landing_2.jpgQS University Rankings: Latin America
Established in 2011, the QS University Rankings: Latin America ranks the region’s top 300 universities. The ranking methodology is based on seven key indicators, selected to reflect regional strengths and priorities. The ranking is a helpful tool for those seeking more information on higher education in this dynamic and diverse region.


The QS University Rankings - Latin America employ a slightly different methodology to that used for the QS World University Rankings, reflecting the different priorities of the region. This is based on feedback collected from the region, the expert assessment of important factors in the region and the availability of data. Read More

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10 septembre 2013

U of G students possibly first in North America to use credit card-sized computers in classroom

http://www.guelphmercury.com/Portals/17/Images/logo.pngBy Victor Ferreira. University of Guelph programming students lined up in waves Wednesday to buy a computer that would fit in the palm of a hand. Raspberry Pi is a small, inexpensive computer created in the U.K. for programming students. The device can work as a substitute for a desktop tower. It comes complete with audio and visual input, USB, HDMI, and Ethernet ports and slots to hook up a mouse and keyboard. 
Local non-profit community workshop Diyode supplied the school of computer science with the Raspberry Pi computers. Diyode board member Mark Zander says this is the largest project the group has been involved in. More...

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08 septembre 2013

The CIBC report and higher-education reporting

http://www.universityaffairs.ca/images/BlogLeo_en.jpgBy . The report released last week by CIBC World Markets on the returns of a postsecondary education in Canada continues to make headlines – and, I think, is an interesting object lesson on the perils of higher-education reporting.
The report’s release was well-timed for maximum publicity, falling on the eve of students returning to college and university. It also fits the narrative that seems to be increasingly current in the Canadian media that the value of a degree in fields such as the humanities and social sciences is declining, as epitomized by columnists such as the Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente (a good example is a piece she wrote last year, entitled “Educated for unemployment”). More...

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A university education is more valuable than any 'outcome'

http://beta.images.theglobeandmail.com/media/www/images/flag/gam-masthead.pngBy Mark Kingwell. It’s back-to-school season, which is why U.S. President Barack Obama took a moment, in the midst of the Syrian gas-attack crisis, to propose a solution to the debt crisis in American postsecondary education. Speaking at the University of Buffalo in mid-August, Mr. Obama promised to create an alternative ranking system for colleges and universities, based not on selectivity or facilities, but on concrete outcomes such as graduation rates and postconvocation earnings. More...

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