08 avril 2018

Spain: dual VET gaining pace

HomeThe Alliance for dual VET (Alianza para la FP Dual) is a state network of companies, centres and institutions committed to developing dual VET in Spain; it is promoted by the Bertelsmann Foundation, together with the Princess of Girona Foundation, main business organisations (CEOE-CEPYME) and the Chamber of Commerce of Spain. More...

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Netherlands: annual report shows increasing education inequality, including VET

HomeAn increase in inequality between pupils' educational opportunities was registered in The State of Education 2015/2016 annual report, published in April 2017 by the Dutch Inspectorate of Education. More...

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Portugal: ReferNet networks with national institutions

HomeThe Portuguese Directorate-General for Employment and Labour Relations (DGERT) and the ReferNet team had a meeting with representatives of VET-related national entities on 12 December 2017 at the premises of the Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security. The aim of the meeting was to establish a network of ReferNet Portugal and national entities to cooperate in carrying out the ReferNet’s 2018 work plan. More...

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Portugal: VET and employment for those with disabilities

HomeThe Portuguese Federation of VET and Employment Centres for Disabled People (FORMEM) decided to prepare a document summarising its 25 years of existence and forecasting its future direction. It was prepared in 2016 as part of a project jointly funded by the National Institute for Rehabilitation (Instituto Nacional para a Reabilitação). More...

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Slovenia: Development of new continuing VET programmes

HomeTwo types of formal continuing vocational education and training (CVET) programmes are foreseen for employees, in line with their level of education: one for employees with completed upper secondary VET (ISCED 354) and the other for those who have achieved higher vocational programmes (ISCED 540). More...

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Portugal: LearnIT project

HomeThe Vocational Training Centre of the Metal Industry (CENFIM) coordinated and concluded in 2017 LearnIT: learning tools and routes for individual training. This Erasmus+ project was launched two years ago and was a partnership between Portugal, Germany, Spain and Finland. More...

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16 mars 2018

HEFCE introduces first ever measure of vocational degrees

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For the first time, it is possible to compare subjects based on how vocational they are, using a new measure called the occupations subject concentration ratio, or OSCR. More...

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Open Educational Resources in TVET

Open Educational Resources in TVET
UNEVOC, UNESCO, 2018/03/05
Simple but very useful OER source list: " On this page you find a commented list of platforms and services that provide or give access to openly licensed content for Technical and Vocational Education and Training." Three dozen sources are listed with short descriptions. More...

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12 mars 2018

Modern VET – a bridge between student and labour market

HomeThe event presented good practices and ways of shaping independence in gaining and using information when planning a professional career. It provided information and ideas to 700 young people and policy-makers, including high-level officials of national and regional authorities. Stakeholders from different professional areas described their experiences and offered their opinions, helping create a forum for professional knowledge and networking possibilities. More...

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Germany: dual VET in automation technology offers prospects

HomeThe chemical sector has invested billions in automation and information technology and this is set to continue in the future. The next level of productivity increases, in relation to Industry 4.0, will present the industry with major challenges. Increasing automation in industry requires qualified personnel: electronics technicians for automation technology are responsible for production systems and are important workers in this sector. More...

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