19 octobre 2015

Student fees versus transformation at HE summit

By Sharon Dell. The transformation of universities has become a burning issue in South Africa, but is real change possible without adequate student funding? If discussions at the Second National Higher Education Summit held in the coastal city of Durban last week are any indication, it seems unlikely. Read more...

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18 octobre 2015

Why my college cut tuition in half

University Business Magazine logoSubmitted by Tim Goral. The topic of college affordability has been in the spotlight recently, and with good reason. More...

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Illinois reducing fees on college savings plan

University Business Magazine logoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. Illinois is reducing fees on its Bright Directions 529 college savings plan, a move designed to help families put more of their investment toward rising tuition costs. More...

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Utah lawmakers weighing tuition hike want info on prof salaries

University Business Magazine logoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. Leaves are only starting to fall, baristas have barely begun pouring pumpkin spice lattes and Utah college students just paid fall tuition, but higher education leaders already are looking ahead to raising the price of next year's. More...

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All Minnesota colleges, universities waiving application fees for a time

University Business Magazine logoBy Stefanie Botelho. All of Minnesota's state colleges and universities are waiving application fees for all or part of College Knowledge Month. The October celebration is a statewide effort between high schools and postsecondary institutions to engage, inform and support students as they enter into the college application process. More...

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13 octobre 2015

$100,000 degrees still Govt policy

By Jeannie Rea. Malcolm Turnbull has said that policies may need to be looked at and ‘political realities’ faced. But the new Prime Minister is also on record supporting the Federal Budget, including the higher education ‘reforms.’  New Education Minister Senator Simon Birmingham has said he is ‘not wedded’ to deregulation, but ‘finding a way through on higher education reforms was a priority.’ New Treasurer Scott Morrison says he wants to cut expenditure. More...

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Vice chancellors refuse to rule out $100,000 degrees

By Andrew MacDonald. While the NTEU welcomes the launch today of Universities Australia’s new Policy Statement which puts public interest and public investment at the centre of the regulatory and funding framework for Australian research and higher education, the union is disappointed that vice chancellors have not ruled out support for fee deregulation. More...

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12 octobre 2015

Government backs down on deregulation of tuition fees

By Geoff Maslen. The new government of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has backed away from plans to allow universities to set their own tuition fees and announced that funding arrangements for 2016 will not be changed. Read more...

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11 octobre 2015

Abolition of fees in Scotland ‘has not widened access’

Although the inability to levy fees means they receive less teaching funding per student than universities in England, which can charge fees of up to £9,000 (US$13,800) per year, Scottish universities are in rude health. Yet the abolition of fees has done surprisingly little to widen access to higher education, reports The Economist. Read more...

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01 octobre 2015

Three-quarters of students would pay higher tuition fees for guaranteed job

Students willing to pay at least £1,700 more on average for better employability, suggests survey. More...

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