28 février 2016

When Colleges Fall in Rankings, Tuition Goes Up

HomeWhen colleges move down in the rankings, they respond by raising tuition, according to a new study. Read more...

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Better Advising Beats Free Tuition for Improving Degree Completion, Say Experts

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/Ticker%20revised%20round%2045.gifBy . In getting more students to complete their degrees, the use of highly structured curricula and proactive advising systems holds more promise than performance pay, free tuition for the first two years of college, or expanding credit for off-campus coursework, according to a survey of higher-education experts. More...

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27 février 2016

What could fees in Europe be like if the UK left the EU?

By Ellie Bothwell. A comparison of some of the fees that are charged to international students. More...

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17 février 2016

Labour leader hits out at high university fees

Jeremy Corbyn has hit out at the state of higher education in England, saying the country should be “utterly ashamed” for having the highest level of tuition fees in the developed world, in his first speech on education since being elected Labour leader, writes Aftab Ali for the Independent. Read more...

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16 février 2016

Give students a tuition break

Times Colonist. Here is a contrast in values we should consider. Tuition fees at the University of Victoria for a degree in the humanities stand at about $24,000. The comparable fee at public universities in Germany is zero.
The University of British Columbia charges approximately $29,000 for a commerce degree. Undergraduate programs at many state-run universities in France cost $1,000. More...

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Poor idea to scrap tuition fees

http://www.torontosun.com/paywall/theme/resources/img/tos/logoPaywall.pngMatthew Lau. It’s federal budget season, which means the special interest groups are once again making a mad dash to the public trough, hoping to eat up the biggest helping of taxpayer dollars they possibly can. More...

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High N.S. tuition fees overshadow efforts to complete university

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "thechronicleherald.ca"When NSCAD undergrad student Anna Story runs low on cash, she drops out of school and goes into overdrive work mode.
“I’ve done that twice now,” says the painting and illustration major.
“I work for say half a year as much as I can, including overtime, then try and go back to school.”
She’s never had a student loan — “I’ve always been a little frightened of debt,” she says. More...

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14 février 2016

Bill would fully fund tuition for tech college HOPE recipients

University Business Magazine logoBy Stefanie Botelho. A bill making its way through the state House would tie the HOPE grant award to the cost of tuition at Georgia’s technical colleges. More...

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Lower tuition may be coming to some UNC campuses

University Business Magazine logoBy Stefanie Botelho. A plan to drastically lower tuition at several UNC system campuses is being considered by the state Senate leadership – a proposal that could create a more affordable option for students while altering the size and makeup of universities initially created for black and American Indian students. More...

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When colleges slash tuition, some students actually pay more

University Business Magazine logoBy Stefanie Botelho. Americans agonize over spiraling tuition costs, Converse College seemed a beacon of hope when it slashed its advertised tuition by a whopping 43 percent. More...

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